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Hi there,

I’ve done a Sync 3 upgrade to my MY2012 Titanium X focus - all works fine (apart from the flickering brightness).

The weird issue is this:
After the upgrade, the screen when booted goes black with the blue fade along the bottom which was expected, however when unlocking the car and opening the door, the IPC shows the above and nothing else, as if it’s missing the Ford logo file or something.

Is this normal for a MK3 with Sync 3 upgrade? I feel like I changed a config option but can’t remember what it was…


Have you master reset?.
It’s not normal though, I do not recall issues like that in the past.

Yeah, I’ve done a few master resets while trying different Sync 3.4 versions.

On the forum where I picked up the original Sync 1 to Sync 3 guide, the following BCM changes were recommended via FoCCCus:

  • 123 – Audio Aux Input = 01 (without)
  • 125 – DAB Radio System = 01 (without)
  • 154 – Module USB = 01 (without)
  • 157 – Bluetooth Handsfree = 01 (without)
  • 172 – Front Display = 09 (DM8 with nav)
  • 214 – ICP = 09 (unknown)

I have since reverted some of these changes back to stock, so the only changes are (as far as can remember and have compared with AsBuilt data!):

  • 172 - 09 (front display DM8 with Nav)
  • 214 - 09 (ICP type 09)

Oh ok, so your unit was converted to Sync3… “Sync3 upgrade” has now a different meaning.

It may be related to that, have you reformatted the unit?.
Keep in mind that some operations with Sync3 mag revert back some asbuilt values to their defaults, so maybe you should double check that’s not the case.

Sorry, yes - I probably should have qualified ‘retrofit’ rather than ‘upgrade’.

Yes - it was originally running v2.2 I believe, I upgraded to 3.4.23044 using the Syn3Updater tool with the ‘reformat’ strategy.

Would this all be APIM asbuilt data, or can the APIM manipulate asbuilt data in other modules as well?

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