Is more storage better?

The wiring is probably for the newer ACM modules (radio) for the SDL (Satellite Data Link), which would need to be added if you were to add a new MY20 ACM. Otherwise, it will not matter. (I added a new ACM to my 2015 F150 and had to add the SDL wiring to support the new SiriusXM format (which is completely XM based now).

The concern I have is with the reformat tool and a MY20 APIM. A L2GT-14G370-BCG would have come out of a 2020 Ford Edge.

Correct. Will investigate further and possibly install this weekend. May have to stay with whatever maps that came with it for now. Can update to newest 3.4 from Ford files

You can use the Syn3 Updater in autoinstall mode. As long as you just update the Sync app, voice, and GN it should not downgrade/reformat. First thing after you install it is to back up the asbuilt in the unit. Then load your asbuilt for your vehicle. Master reset, then run the APIM Interrogator Utility to see the storage and what is installed on the unit. If the maps are older, like NA 1.19, you can still update them to NA 2.20 via autoinstall, but DO NOT use the Ford map package.

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Do you happen to have any info or resources on using MY20 ACM’s on pre-MY20 vehicles? It was my original understanding that enough had changed that it’s not really possible on most vehicles not to mention the new A2B protocol/connector being a thing.

Now I’m kinda intrigued if this is something I can upgrade on my '13 Sony equipped C-Max. It would be nice to try and gain access to the new SiriusXM tuners (I’d gladly sub back if I had audio quality that wasn’t poor like the old Sirius tuners) and potentially the HD Radio ‘Artist Experience’ which I assume the new MY20+ ACM’s should enable?

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For this discussion, MY20 would be ‘L’ series ACM modules. I believe that most if not all MY20 ACM’s have different connectors than the MY19 and earlier units. You can use an MY20 ACM in previous year vehicles, but you will need to rewire or replace the connectors as well as reprogram a few things in the asbuilt.

The A2B protocol/connector thing is not an issue. This is an additional connection that was added to provide a digital connection to the new amplifiers from B&O, Revel, etc. Provided that the ACM is programmed correctly, you can still use the analog connections for the previous generation of amplifiers like Sony, Kicker, etc. This connection and the implementation is largely misunderstood.

EDIT: I recently looked at a MY2021 ACM asbuilt database and found that the new ACM’s have the ability to turn off the A2B function completely. This consistent with asbuilt settings for the 2018+ ACM’s.

I have a late model MY19 ACM in my 2015 F150 Platinum with the Sony system. The MY19 ACM still has the previous connectors, so minor rewiring adding the SDL links. The reason I changed it was to gain access to the new SiriusXM tuners to improve the SiriusXM performance and expanded channels. It required some additional wiring for the SDL (Satellite Data Links) between the ACM and APIM. This information is included here:
2020 APIM/Screen and 2020 ACM Compatibility - Ford / Hardware - CyanLabs Official Community

The ACM I used does not have HD Radio so I can’t speak to the HD Radio 'Artist’s Experience".

This excellent thread by DanMc85 might help with your model year…
Variable Line Level Preamp Outputs From ACM (Factory Radio) For Amplifier Upgrades (

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