2020 APIM/Screen and 2020 ACM Compatibility

I have a 2015 F-150 and upgraded the 8" SYNC 2 to SYNC 3 (with NAV) and changed out the ACM which only had Sirius to one that had Sirius and HD back in 2016 with no issues. I just recently upgraded the 3.0 version to 3.4 (thanks CYANLABS!) with no issues as well. I purchased a APIM/screen (with NAV) with factory loaded 3.4 along with the ACM (HD and Sirius) from a salvage company. Both units are from the same donor vehicle which is a 2020 Ford Expedition Limited. I received the items and installed the APIM/screen in the truck first without changing out the ACM just so I could see if it would work. All works except the Sirius portion of it. The Sirius subscription button works and the subscription says “Not Available”. It also shows my EIN number. When I install the ACM from the donor vehicle, the APIM works fine except the audio portion of it. The screen shows that the radio is off. I can’t turn it on from either the FCIM or the touch screen. I changed a few things around with FORScan but nothing has worked. Any input/thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

If you find a solution, there are quite a few folks that want to know, like me for one. That’s the same place I got to with the new ACM.

Will do. I posted on FORScan as well.

I too am interested about 2020 APIM’s and ACM’s moving backwards. In my case, a 2017 Ford Escape. When searching the forum last night, someone mentioned the later ACM’s were different enough that they couldn’t go in older vehicles.

That was the only mention I saw of that, so I am curious if it IS possible. If it can be done, Cyan would be the ones to figure it out.

Go to the F150Forum.com, there is a thread there about putting one in a 2019 STX. But no solid answers.

Some of the ACM’s are different as far as connectors are concerned. Depending on the vehicle, the 2 main connectors are either rectangular if you will or square in nature. There is also a 3rd Farkra connector involved on some of the units but I do not think it is needed for my application. My 2020 Super Duty has the 3 connectors but only the black and mustard ones are being utilized and not the white one. There is also a data connector that is plugged in. It is a shielded cable that is blue in color. When I received the ACM from the Expedition, all of the “ports” had connectors attached. The yard just cut the wiring and left them in. Attached is the donor ACM.

Yes, this is correct. The blue connector is for A2B digital audio for the B&O systems, don’t worry about it. You will have no sound if you get it to work, but a simple FORScan adjustment will fix it. We are all stuck on how to get the radio to turn on.

Ok, have B&O in the SD. I also compared the ACM connectors from my 2015 to the 2020 and the wiring is pretty much the same. There are a couple of differences. There are a few differences in the APIM wiring at the connector as well on the 2015 vs. the 2020. Might be where the issue lays. Not sure. Which FORScan adjustment are you referring too?

I will follow this thread closely. I’m still learning, but this is probably one of the topics I am most interested in.

Thanks. You always learn just don’t forget what you learned.

ACM 727-01-01 xx*x xxxx xxxx - Front/Rear Satellite Speakers (Internal Amp, External Variable, Fixed Line Level, Not Used, Reserved)

Sony systems are ‘A’, not sure about B&O but suspect the same.

My SD as-built has a “F” and it has a B&O system. The Expedition has a “A” and also has a B&O system installed.