Is possible to have Portuguese voice command on Sync 3.4 version?

Hello community,

Is possible to use the Portuguese language with the voice commands? It was available on the 3.0 version. After upgrading to 3.4 I can only define the text in Portuguese, the voice commands only work in English.

Thank you

Have you performed a master reset?
If so, post your log to see what you had and what you have now.

Yes, after updating I have done a master reset.

Before the update It was running Sync 3.0 build 19205. After the update, it is running Sync 3.4 20351. You can see the pictures.

I am from Brazil. To download 3.4 20351 I selected the region “Rest of World” on the Sync Updater. May I have to download selecting the Europe Region to have the Portuguese (Portugal) downloaded?

Thank you.

That’s the issue then, selecting ROW (Rest Of The World) didn’t install what’s needed. Oddly enough, South America’s contained in ANZ. It’s super counterintuitive, but that’s Ford’s decision…

So what you need to do is to create a new package for ANZ, instead of ROW.
Then everything should be fine.

EDIT: There’s a link in the app, when you select the desired region of the package. It’s a ? that leads here →


ANZ = Australian, New Zealand, South America, Turkey and Taiwan
ANZ (English Australian, English British), SA (English American, Brazilian Portuguese, Mexican Spanish), TUR (English American, German, Russian, Turkish), TW (Taiwanese Mandarin)

So try again with ANZ.


Thanks a lot, SaNdMan. It worked for me. I would never imagine finding Brazilian Portuguese under ANZ package. Thank you again. Best regards.

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You are welcome!
We hope you enjoy it.
Take care.

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