Is upgrading to 3.4 possible? (Sync 2.5)

Good morning. I would like to update too if possible my 2019 Ford Fiesta Active country Italy. Now I have the Sync R5.3.0.1_R18364b. In the cyanlabs update software for Windows it asks me to synchronize the current full version but I don’t know what I have to put in. Any help would be appreciated.

You have sync 2.5, not sync 3. It isn’t possible to use any of the updates on this site, and never will be I’m afraid

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Hello. But how is it possible the machine has just one year and then looking at the installation guide it is the same with the one on the left. I attach photos. Thanks

As this is a newly released (2019) Ford hardware version, it is a cost cutting measure by ford. You do not have a dedicated APIM, it is all integrated into the ACM (CD player). When you ordered your fiesta, you would have had the option to specify full Sync 3, but you have gone with the lower sync 2.5.

So nothing can be done? Not even in Ford? Thanks

No, not unless you replace a lot of hardware

Maybe it’s… Ford SYNC 3 - мультимедиа и навигация (с. 15) - Ford Focus 3

The update files for these units are VBF format files, which can be written thru FORScan or IDS. There is no usb installation option for these units that I am aware of. That said, it is possible to update the software for Sync 2.5 units, but you will need to update them as you do with other Ford modules using FORScan, if there is support for it in the software.

The latest Sync 2.5 is JX7T-14G516-MS_1552571708000.VBF, posted on FFClub as indicated in this thread. There may be some information on these units and programming on the FORScan Forums.

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Hello. Thank you for your answer. I guess apparently I have to stay like that, unless they do it to me in Ford since I have to go to do the checkup two years in a while.

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