Issue switching Music source from steering wheel

Running version 3.4.19274 in a 2018 Mustang with the full digital dash. Seeing a minor issue with changing music source using the steering wheel controls. When pressing the music button on the steering wheel I can switch to every source except Sirius/XM.

If I am listening to music via Android Auto at the source, I cannot or it is very difficult to switch directly to Sirius/XM. Most of time the source will not switch at all and sometimes I can get it to switch by pressing OK several times. I can switch to any other source first, then switch to Sirius/XM with no issues.

Anyone else seen the same issues in a Mustang or any other vehicle?

Silly question but does this happen when your phone is plugged in or all the time?. I run 19274 on my 19 Bullitt with no issues.

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Have you done a master reset since installing 19274? Not heard of that before.

yeah, master reset was done right after the install, made all the other bugs go away.

It does only happen when the phone is plugged in and when I’m playing sources from Android Auto (Pixel 4 XL) works without issues when starting from any other source or if phone is not plugged in.

There are reported issues with android auto being discussed on Discord, probably linked to that rather than a sync issue.

What version of Android Auto? bet its 5.3/5.4

Android Auto Version 5.4.502264