Issue with call having no sound

A problem that I have is that when I receive a call there is no sound. I have to put it in privacy mode to talk. I have tried deleting the phone and adding it again, but it hasn’t helped. I have tried different phones as well.

Have you tried turning up the volume when the call comes through? The volume for calls is separate from the radio.

Yes, that’s another problem. When I call them if the volume is above 12 they complain about echo, they can hear their voice.

That almost sounds like the audio is going through both the phone and the car. Apple or Android?


Well, I know nothing about Android settings but maybe someone else does. I went to the darkside. :slight_smile:

Have you deleted the phone from Sync and then paired it again?

Delete the phone from Sync.
Perform a Master Reset on Sync.
Delete the Sync connection on the phone and reboot the phone.
Once Sync is ready, pair the phone again.

It is important to perform a master reset on Sync and to reboot the phone to clear cache information for the connection.

Yes, I have done this

I’m wondering if there is another Android compatibility issue. I’ll research some and see if I can find anything.

Maybe @SaNdMaN might have an idea…

Just some things I’m finding:
For Ford car owners with this issue, the Ford team is aware of the issue and they are currently investigating. In the meantime, please use the workaround below to resolve the issue.

  • Connect your phone to Bluetooth
  • On the Sync screen
    • Select the Settings tab
    • Select Phone
    • Select Set Phone Ringtone
    • Select Use Phone Ringtone
  • Connect to Android Auto

Note: The Phone settings menu cannot be accessed while connected to Android Auto, the phone needs to be connected to Bluetooth in order to perform these changes.

Another comment:
Turning on use phone ring tone worked for a while, but then the issue come back. My latest attempt had been as follows;
Remove all devices from Bluetooth in sync
Remove all devices from AA in sync
Remove the car from Bluetooth on the phone
Connect the cable and connect the phone again, going through the AA setup, this time when I received the prompt to allow sync to read messages I have ignored this.

So far it’s been working now for approx 3 weeks with no issue oh of the caller not being heard.

It sure seems that Android has a long histroy of this issue…
Sync 3 android phone receive a call there is no sound - Google Search

I’ve had no issues with Android Auto, but I have to clarify I don’t receive or make that much calls anymore… but the few that where made, I had no issues with sound…

I’m still running Android 12 and Sync3 3.0 though, I’m not sure if that’s even relevant.

I have some insight. I’m noticing that sometimes when I have certain apps in use, Libby, for example, it the audio says prompt voice instead of audio volume when I increase the volume.

I remember an issue with iPhones about using an equalizer on the phone. See if you have one and that it is turmed off.

This is probably a smart thing to check, especially if the OP has a Samsung phone. Lurking the /r/AndroidAuto subreddit, there seems to be no shortage of audio issues for those with Samsung devices due to weird custom audio tweaks and such. I don’t own one so I can’t really provide any usable pointers.

My phone doesn’t have equalizer. I have a Pixel 8 Pro

Maybe something…found on reddit.

Changing Bluetooth AVRCP 1.3 Fixed Spotify/Calling Issues in my Car

I spent the past couple months trying to figure out why all of a sudden, I could not pick up calls, change songs, and why info wouldn’t update on my car’s display settings. I know this has been solved elsewhere and it can be a variety of issues, but I wanted to share what worked for me: try switching your Bluetooth AVRCP to version 1.3 or 1.4. I switched mine to 1.3, rebooted my phone, and it fixed everything.

Not much of a tech/phone person, so not sure how these changes across phones. I would simply search how to change the Bluetooth AVRCP version for your phone.

Pixel 8 pro Bluetooth connection not stable (intermittent).

I have big issues with pixel 8 pro loosing Bluetooth connection to the car. The phone keep disconnecting every few seconds. The other phones (pixel 6 and iPhone) working fine with the same car. I did try everything suggested by Google support including factory reset of the phone and car’s infotainment system, but nothing worked. Is anyone had the same issue and maybe a solution to fix this problem?

Just to follow-up, I went ahead and got an RMA to exchange for a new P8P. When I got the replacement phone, the first thing I did was skip all the initial setup and went straight into Bluetooth and connected to my car and it worked perfectly! I then checked the Bluetooth app version and it was version 14-10636127.

I then went ahead and reset the phone and went through the normal setup process, which included System & Google Play security updates, which in turn updated the Bluetooth app to the 14-10778490 version and all the connection problems returned.

So, to me, this definitely points at a software issue and all we can do is wait for Google to fix their damn Bluetooth stack! Or buy a different vendor’s phone. It’s rather sad I have an old Pixel 3 running Android 12 and it still connects to my car just fine, but the new, shiny, $1000 P8P has nothing but problems. Come on Google do better!

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