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Would you not consider that you might have to reset your APIM back to the AS Built? Get a laptop, forscan and the appropriate cable and reset you modules back to AS Built. What happens with Cyan Labs, which i have said many times here and especially on Youtube, is CyanLabs will update your APIM to a version and settings which do not correspond to how your car came out of the factory. APIM also has the permission to change other modules in your car. When i did the update Naively to my car I ended loosing the majority of functions in my car, I lost navigation audio, the ability to change volume, the balance of my audio was locked to one side, i lost parking assist, i lost adaptive cruise control, i lost side parking sensors and i lost heated seats icons on screen. I got them back by resetting all my cars modules back to AS Built in Forscan. I suggest you try this as the first port of call. I have to stress again that the warnings in Cyan Labs and on Youtube videos especially are inadequate.

With all due respect you are wrong on so many levels…

  1. Updating doesn’t reset the as-built, the as-built does not change

  2. It does not change any other modules

You must be right and every single other person who has updated must be wrong though :man_facepalming:

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Why so salty at the end there? So why then when I updated my APIM with cyanlabs I lost functionality in quite a few areas of my car that returned after I did an AsBuilt update to my cars modules? Body control module for instance, was working just fine until I updated, I had to AsBuilt the body control unit to get it back. I never said I was right by the way. I’m just drawing from my own experience. You know that things can be repaired via Forscan and AsBuilt, wether my terminology or understand is technically correct I don’t know but I never said I was right that and everyone else was wrong, that’s your interpretation. As an administrator one would expect you to be a bit more diplomatic rather than leaning towards using provocative statements towards users for no reason. Is it a possibility the social part of the business isn’t for you?

If I am wrong on so many levels then why did reloading my AsBuilt fix everything? Now I’m just confused really. It must be all in my head. Wow, just wow.

I think it’s pretty obvious, you come on here saying

No you haven’t, you have posts in 3 topics only and one of them is this topic.

If you have said it on youtube cool, but that means nothing to me, we don’t even have a official video on updating, the recommended video is from NaviUpgrade.

OK… and your proof is supposedly one car, your own i’m guessing? And yet i have 1000+ probably even 10000+ results saying otherwise, hmm, i guess i’ll take the 0.00001% answer though, the other 99.99999% must be wrong

Now for some facts. CyanLabs uses official ford provided and signed files, downloaded directly from Ford’s azure blob, these files are not and can not be modified by CyanLabs or anyone without modification to the APIM (jailbreak) or without access to Ford’s private key.

What even is a Asbuilt update, if you mean reflashing the same asbuilt to your car, that it had already then you did nothing and either you fucked something up, corruption or something or that isn’t what fixed your issue alternatively you messed with the asbuilt before and you restoring the factory asbuilt corrected your issues.

Even more importantly is that updating the SYNC APIM software (SYNC OS, QNX Based) does not change the asbuilt configuration of ANY other module, it also does not change the AsBuilt of the SYNC 3 Module, you are simply factually incorrect in your statement saying otherwise.

Now, one thing to note is that for the SYNC 3 module, although the asbuilt hasn’t changed some of the settings it corresponds to have, for example, illumination and theme need to be changed on certain models to match what SYNC 3.4 requires, this does not change the AsBuilt though.

I can 100% guarantee you that updating the SYNC 3 OS does not and probably isn’t even able to update the asbuilt configuration of the BCM.

Frankly your tone from the start was bad,

I don’t even think you realise the condescending tone you are having… Lets clarify something else shall we?

What services am i selling to make this a business? this is a hobby, it earns some money that’s it.

BTW i am 1 person, the mods are community members that help out. I do the following for CyanLabs.

I manage

  • Server Infrastructure (unmanaged provider)
  • Backup Solutions
  • Operating System management
  • Docker Enviroment, Services (Forum, Website, Syn3Update Backend etc)
  • Scheduling of SW updates
  • Email responses
  • Syn3Updater Source Code
  • Custom API to wrap a lot of the website functionality in to the DB’s for IVSU’s, AsBuilt etc.
  • Issues, Tweaks, Feature Requests etc.
  • Updating IVSU database
  • Subscription costs for plugins, server hosting, themes, backup solutions

I manage it all, there is no business in the sense of many people running this operation, it is simply me, this site earns money from adsense revenue and donations, this covers server costs and incentivizes me to continue to run this. frankly the amount of bullshit questions i get in email each day, sometimes i wonder why i bother…

Because your asbuilt was fucked before or it was a coincidence potentially due to a power cycle of modules.


In addition to this, reading through your other posts, you clearly had battery issues, battery issues can cause some weird issues.


Nope. You miss interpreted it. It was genuinely an attempt to help the poor soul who was just about to pay Ford some money for them to ‘not’ sort it out. All I was doing was drawing on my own experience. I think what annoyed you was the fact I said there aren’t enough warnings for numpties, like myself, to brick their APIM, this is where you interpreted my comment as being something it wasn’t. This is the issue with text only communication, some people read it in a tone to themselves that’s incorrect and then act on it like you did.

is why you are salty? No need. All this shite talk could have been avoided. Why get into arguments with users, it wastes your time. Just be polite and move on.

Can you delete my account please. I’m done here.

Account anonymized

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