Issues in release 20136

Ford focus mk3.5 with nav
Ford release before upgrade …v3.0
I install the release 20121 and find some issues. I downgrade it and install 20136.
Still have problems with fm radio and usb.
Also have a problem with the clock. I adjust and i power off the unit shows another time. Sometimes when starts shows correctly time others shows wrong time.
Any help is apreciated
Great work done here.

P.S. how to install logos and calm mode? Is necessary a apim upgrade of firmware?

This is known, please read Sync 3.4.20136 - Feedback & Issues - #28 by alpiste

Sorry the mess. I read the topic of release 20121…now i read 20136.

Hello people
I can’t update sync 3.4 20021 to sync 20136. gives the error PKG_ERR04
Does anyone know what could be
thank you

You need to downgrade to 19200 first, and then upgrade to 20136

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Yup or use the “manual configuration” option select just app and press start

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If you downgrade and install 20136 works ok