KUGA SYNC3 3.0 19205 upgrade

Hi there,
I have a KUGA 2017 in Taiwan and the SYNC3 version is 3.0 19205 without navigation. I had read the process of upgrading in this website and knew how to make an upgrade USB disk. but I really really want to know “May I use this application – Sync3 updater to upgrade my SYNC3 3.0 to 3.4” ?
is there any thing I need to prepare before the upgrade beginning ? and if the upgrade failed, is there any way to turn it back to 3.0 ?
please advise, thank you.

Yes it will work. You cannot add navigation though.

You cannot downgrade back to 3.0 after the process, you can go back to 3.3 earliest.

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thank you very much. and I will do it later in these couple days and get back here to let you all to know the result.

Hi There,
one more question that is “in my situation (v3.0 upgrade to v3.4 without navigation), which install mode should I use for ?” .
the application, the Sync3 Updater, suggested me to use “autoinstall”, is that correct ?
please advice, thank you.

If you have input your current version correctly then follow what it advises

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got it, seems no problems, thank you .

je suis nouveau sur votre site , merci par avance pour votre accueil…
Je possède un kuga st line 2018 , version sync 3.0 19205 avec navigation cartes F8 et souhaite faire maj vers sync 3.4 20196 avec cartes F9.
Etant plutôt moyen en informatique j ai peur de faire une mauvaise manipulation et de bloquer le système. Cette demande est-elle réalisable?
J ai déjà téléchargé les fichiers sur l ordinateur, et formaté clé usb 3.0 64 GO au format exfat.
Donc il faut encore extraire les fichiers des zips et les envoyer sur la clé pour pouvoir démarrer la mise à jour ?
Ayant lu des commentaires d’autres utilisateurs, j ai l impression qu il y a souvent des bogues ou problèmes.? Ou bien est-ce simplement dû à de mauvais choix ou manipulations?
Encore merci de votre compréhension !!

Please translate to English

Good morning,
I am new to your site, thank you in advance for your welcome…
I own a Kuga ST line 2018, version sync 3.0 19205 with navigation F8 maps and want to change to sync 3.4 20196 with F9 maps.
Being rather average in Computer Science I am afraid to make a mishandling and block the system. Is this request feasible?
I have already downloaded the files to the computer, and formatted USB 3.0 64 GB in exfat format.
So you still have to extract the files from the zips and send them to the key to be able to start the update?
Having read comments from other users, I have the impression that there are often bugs or problems.? Or is it simply due to poor choices or manipulations?
Thank you again for your understanding !!
Thanks for yours answers!!

I would suggest you use the automated application Syn3 available on the main site, it creates the usb appropriately. Just make sure to enter your correct current version.

Most users have issues on the site as they try to change region or similar, you won’t have this issue.

I will try it, and give you a feed back as soon as i finish. Thanks!

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i do the upgrade today and everything run well !! i hope it will stay so in future . Thanks a lot !!


I’ve made update from 3 to 3.4.20136 but i was made without NAVI (as sure that have not due to lack of maps)

After upgrade is fine excepted that on main screen alert that NAVI not working contact with dealer.

Just few second ago try to downgrade from 3.4.20196 to 3.4. 20196 with NAVI but still lack of sucess.

Any suggustion how to deal with?


You need to use the downgrade option then install 3.4.20196 with maps option.

Ok thx I will let you know result

I did the upgrade yesterday and everything works fine in the progress.

here is the info of my car :
KUGA 2017 6T Taiwan
SYNC3 3.0 19205 without navigation

that’s all, thanks for Cyanlabs team.

The only way that NAVI works is to:
Version: 3.3.19052
Region: NA
Navigation: True
Mode: reformat

reformat Mode - Sync 3.4.20282 NA

I’ve try to go for EU versions with EU maps but around 28 minutes error appear.

I’ts looks like ESCAPE from Canada can’t be updated with EU version.

If any body have some suggestion open to hear it.

Thanks anyway for opportunity to upgrade :slight_smile:

So it seems you are trying to change the original region of the car.
That’s not supported by Cyanlabs.

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This is correct.

Read this thread:

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