Latest Sync3 3.0 Gracenotes and Maps for South America

Hello guys.

Quick question: does anyone know the latest versions for maps and gracenotes for Sync3 3.0.xxxx for South America?.


I did not think the Sync version mattered for the map versions?

For the Sync 3.0.xxxxx platform…ANZ specific files.
Sync App is international.
Sync Voice:
JR3T-14G391-DE 1Gb Sync3 v3.2.19056-Pre18.5
JR3T-14G423-DB 728Mb Sync3 v3.0.19080 (GL-0011) (24.08.2016)
JR3T-14G421-DAB 3.6Gb Sync3 v3.0.17089 EU.4.15 (27.09.2016, G6.1 Tur), ANZ.1.16 (21.10.2016), SA.1.16 (13.10.2016), TW.4.16 (15.02.2017, SLG=1)
Nav Voice:
JR3T-14G422-DB 1.2Gb Sync3 v3.0.17080 ANZ 430/20170202, SA 440/20170317, TUR 510/20170202
Map License
JR3T-14G424-DAC JR3T-14G421-DAC (ESN) EU.4.15 (27.09.2016, G6.1 Tur) and etc.

My car is not using the latest, since it´s using:

Maps: SA 1 15
Gracenotes: (GL-0011)

But really, for a single year map’s difference, I think it’s not worth even updating.

Thank you all!.

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