Lincoln navigator 2018 360 camera not working

Please can you give me telegram or any contact information
I need professional to help me because in Ukraine now war and not easy to found some one
And we can make payment by payment
Sorry to write that here but really no other way to text you

FORScan Support
Contact Us (

You need to contact FORScan with questions about their products.

The Windows version is free, no cost.
FORScan for Windows v2.3.51

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Hello again
I bought two part from ebay from thr same car ?
Its better or not ?

And plese if i want to install EU map there is recommended for that because some time screen get smaller

Thsnk you so much

I would not use those if you are looking to replace the APIM. You should use FORScan to perform the LIN calibration before you do anything else. The APIM is MY20, you will not be able to load maps. (Unless you jailbreak it.)

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Thank you so much camera is working am so happy

But the part of Sync 3 is maid in 2021 +
How to do jailbreak? To install map plz :slight_smile:
And its hard to do or normal


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