Lincoln navigator 2018 360 camera not working

Hello everyone
I have lincoln navigator 2018
360 camera and rear show me blue
The problem i am in Ukraine and no offical service can fix it
Please can some one explain me or help me for that
And i can pay fee for that
Please :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

Photi in attachment


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Are there DTCโ€™s? (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) You need to check for the codes, they will tell you what is wrong.

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Hello sir

We found thr problem
From this part
jl7t- 14g532

Can i using :


This its the same

Is there a Sync 4 unit in your 2018 Lincoln Navigator? Was this swapped in place of Sync 3?

No, the jl7t- 14g532 will not work correctly in your vehicle if it is a Sync 4 unit. You will need a Sync 3 unit such as the jl7z-14g371 unit.

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Thank you so much for help me

In my car softwar is sy 3.4

The problem i found this part in the car its 2018 ?

Cant understand really how sy4 and part was in 2017 or2018

Please my car vin is 5LMJJ2HT8JEL08462

Which number part will be ok for my car

My Touchscreen is 10-Inch ? Which will support that ?
My car lincoln navigator 2018

This is a little odd, but the unit is the original based on the serial number. The tag however shows another part number series, but that is not uncommon with Ford parts. This is a different model of Sync 3 but should be compatible and should support the 10" screen and the cameras, etc.

This is the original APIM Sync unit for your vehicle listed in the factory build sheet.
F113>JL7T-14G371-KED APIM Assembly Part Number
F141>WX377DJQ APIM Serial Number

This is the original OEM APIM Asbuilt:
7D0-01-01 BA2A 0123 0CED
7D0-01-02 832B 0407 AD40
7D0-02-01 5553 0F04 F489
7D0-02-02 0340 D800 4238
7D0-02-03 C105 A2
7D0-03-01 0000 0301 00DF
7D0-04-01 0100 1000 1E0B
7D0-04-02 0007 E4
7D0-05-01 1A2C 1A40 2FAC
7D0-05-02 DAB8
7D0-06-01 805E
7D0-07-01 2200 3300 0034
7D0-07-02 7530 3A98 0057
7D0-07-03 0056 569C 0029
7D0-07-04 7658
7D0-08-01 0000 0000 00E0
7D0-08-02 0000 0000 00E1

I suspect the issue is the IPMB which controls the 360 cameras. This is mounted behind the APIM in the dash. This will be a part number similar to JL3T-19H423-AD.

You need to get a code reader and see if there are any DTCโ€™s in the vehicle describing the issue.

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Hello sir
The master show me this video that camera worked but
He take photo this part which i need to buy

Please can you send me link part in ebay or in anywebsite sell part to understand which i need to buy

Really so hard to drive car with out camera

Sorry i am not professional so much in that and am new in ford family
Please if you can show me photo of the part you recommend to buy or test

This should be in your vehicle. It is the IPMB module from the factory.

F113>JL7T-19H423-AG IPMB Part Number

Is all the wiring in the first picture from troubleshooting the issue or is that some type of retrofit? Why is the vehicle disassembled like this? Are you trying to add a video source to the APIM with 360 view? If so you will need an external switch for the video. There are kits made for this which are plug and play on eBay.

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Really agin thank youuuuuuuu
This part JL7T-19H423-AG i bought second one in ebay and show us the same problem blue screen
In program didnโ€™t show any errors
And we check all wires and all is fine !!
About photo no all cable in the place and this test from person who try to check cameraโ€™s is working or not
All cables is ok and no one edite or chenge them !!

But the camera show blue in screen and when person try to run all cameraโ€™s in other monitor its working!!!

That is i am asking about this part

jl7t- 14g532

Which one support my car and two is show me its work from 2018 to 2021 !!

And if i want to chenge all this part to new ? Is possible snd can found them ?

So sorry so many question but really need help and you are great man

Your asbuilt is correct for the 360 view at 7D0-02-01 xxxx xxxx *x-- from the factory.
7D0-02-01 5553 0F04 F489

What is the APIM asbuilt values there now?

Also, have you run the LIN Bus Calibration for the IPMB cameras? This must be done when switching modules for the IPMB to address the cameras. This is in FORScan programming.

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Sorry i dont know what is LIN Bus Calibration ?

You mean this ?

And sorry

And please all this number part support my car ?


No, that is a dealer service procedure, not FORScan.

I would not use either of those if you are looking to replace the APIM. You should use FORScan to perform the LIN calibration before you do anything else.

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Hello again
Its easy to VIN fitment ?
Its by offical dealership or can by for scan ?

Again thank you

FORScan is free and will work with the adapter you are using for FDRS.

Download FORScan

Latest FORScan topics in Information - CyanLabs Official Community

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