Looking for Firmware files for TCU K1T1 firmware downgrade

Hello Everyone, I am trying to replace my old 3G modem with a K1T1 modem for a 2013 Ford Cmax energi.
I have read a couple of threads from members making a similar replacement and I am basically in the same situation when I need to switch to the firmware image JL3T or JX4T but I do not see it available in FORScan and I do not know how to access the proper files.
Would anyone be able to help with how to get the files, so I can have my H-Sync3 APIM able to communicate with the TCU and be able to perform the activation sequence?
Please let me know if any additional information is needed.
Much appreciated all the information and support on CyanLabs Community!

Hello there, I did it for Fusion Energi 2016 and everything works fine. I’m attaching my firmware which I’m currently using.

The Fusion is a different electrical architecture than the C-Max. Unfortunately the K series TCUs are not going to work with the C-Max. An H series 4G TCU is needed for these. Also if you pull one from an Escape or other non-hybrid vehicle, a firmware update is needed to retain the Value Charge/Go Times functions. Takes approximately 2-3 hours with Forscan and an OBDLink EX from firsthand experience. Putting the vehicle on a battery charger (do NOT rely on the EVSE for this) is highly recommended during the process.

Thank you @Vchat20 and @JoSS for your replies.
I understand that the K series TCU would not allow to use go times but my understanding was that at least I would be possible with the JL3T or JX4T firmware to enable the HS3 bus and selecting the C1MCA protocol to activate the modem for barebone functions. Unfortunately H modems are hard to come by. Well if possible I was looking to try programming JL3T firmware on the TCU like others have done and give it a try for now until I can get an optimal TCU. Thanks again!

You will only get minimal functionality if using other than the HU5T modem in your C-Max.

Hi @F150Chief,
Just to check, my understanding is that HU5T is for a BCM.
I assume you meant HJ5T modem?
I am looking for a HJ5T modem as I understand this is the best fit and the part number for the Ford 4g modem replacement campaign but they are not easy to find.
Essential usage would be to lock/unlock my car remotely and check the location when I forgot where I parked.
Here are the firmware available from Forscan and that are on the module:
Thanks again!

Hi, if you are looking for some specific files they might still be available on the ford site. Here is a link for some of the ones I got from completing this upgrade on a 2017 MKC and a 2016 MKX.
TCU Files

Some useful information on this process can be found here MKX Forum


Sorry, forgot to post the ford site. They did change how this page is accessed so hopefully this link will work.

Ford Calibration Files

Hi @Dallas_Anderson,
Thank you for your help!
I updated the firmware JL3T and was able to activate.
I get an error code for the GSM antenna in ForScan (plus for the unconnected wifi) but it seems to work good enough for now.

Glad to hear you got it working. I did hear that come people were getting codes when using aftermarket antennas but they still worked, I believe it is because the aftermarket antennas don’t provide the correct resistance so the module flags a code. I used fords antennas from their “upgrade kits” and built bypass cables for the wifi antennas as I wasn’t using them. I had no DTCs after this install on both the MKC and MKX. Part number for the antenna was NL3Z-19A390-A and the bypass antenna was built on a Fakra Type I connector with a 10k Ohm resistor to fool the module into thinking it was there. I show examples of this on the MKX forum. It might be possible to change the firmware to a version that doesn’t have the wifi capabilities and may remove this code but I haven’t attempted this. All that said if it works and you are ok with the codes, then leave it. The above are just ways to remove the codes.

Yes, sorry. Typo…

I tried to see if I could download any calibration files from the page but I was not able to.
After a few second, the page provides an “DSFM_DownloadFile.asp” file and when I open it, it states on the top, “Error: -2147217871 | Query timeout expired”
I wonder if everyone else see the same behavior or this is a problem on my computer setup?

Yes, this is documented here as well in the TCU threads. The aftermarket planar antennas are what is referred to as open receiver devices, whereas the Ford PIFA antennas (HL3Z-19A390-A) are a closed receiver devices. This is based on the design of the antenna termination, and if changed will affect the frequency response of the antenna, sometimes to the point the antenna is no longer effective. 10Kohms will shift the frequency response of the antenna slightly, but it should work ok for reception. It will however affect the transmit by reducing radiated power available, or in this case shorten the range. The amount depends on the antenna design and placement. The PIFA antennas will perform much better in low signal conditions than the cheaper aftermarket antennas as well as the roof mount antennas Ford uses (aka sharkfins). The PIFA’s are designed as 1/4 wave receptors, whereas the sharkfins are compromised due to space restrictions and cosmetics.

WIFI is hosted on an internal antenna inside the unit. The FAKRA connections are for LTE. The purple connector is TX/RX, the tan connector is RX only for diversity to help reception of data for the hotspot feature, if equipped.

WIFI or not is the same firmware.

You need credentials?

Ok, thanks! I assume a paid subscription? I did register/login but did not subscribe at this point.

Shouldn’t have to login to access. Try copy and pasting the link and follow https://www.motorcraftservice.com/Home/SetCountry?returnUrl=%2FAsBuilt

  • Select your country and language
    -Select “Diagnostic Tools and Support” drop down menu at the top
    -Go to “Software”>“IDS”>“Overview”
    -Bottom left of the screen you should see 4 blue links, the last one should link “Calibration Files” is what you are after.

Should look like this.

Hi @Dallas_Anderson , ah it behaves different today.
I was able to download a grand total of one file (AM5T-18D618-BB.ZIP) but it looks like it may be by chance, any other fails (CM5T-18D620-AP to give one example).
Are you able to download calibration files on your side?

Are you looking for a specific file? For ACM’s…

Downloading the files seems to work fine tonight…
I primarily wanted to check that I can get the calibration file if needed.
One thing on my list was the PAM calibration files to update the module after the Sync3 upgrade.
Thank you all for your help!

Glad you found the files you were after. If you have the paid version of FORScan (which I suspect you do, since you are looking for firmware files) you can email the FORScan team and see if they can send you the specific files you are looking for. The Ford site doesn’t always have all the files you might be after. Not sure what dictates how long they keep them on their end but you may find some files for older vehicles are not found when searched. FORScan has an archive of these but they don’t have a function where you can search for custom files. You can use the “download” function in FORScan firmware tab to get the files for that modules various files revisions. Just cant use it to go custom, like loading 2018 IPC files into a 2016 vehicle with the same IPC but older/different firmware.