Loss of memory/source after 3.0 20204 update

Should of left well enough alone!

My sync/radio was working ‘perfect’ prior the update to 3.0 20204. During the file download to PC, it stalled a few times but loaded and unzipped to the thumb drive fine. The update went fine as well and showed “Complete” No errors…

The issues now are, every time the ignition is cycled OFF/ON (some times) or the extended play times out and cancels power distribution (most of time) the radio will default to AM radio KLOVE when the truck/system restarts!
During the fail event,the Source button usually wont work, nor most of the others. Sometimes the radio ‘Loading’ icon will just sit and spin until power is cut/resumes once again. Power the radio OFF and back ON and all the functions return and usually will revert to the last station or Source that was selected prior. Until the key/power distribution is cut again, the APIM and SYNC work flawlessly.

It seems that power distribution, or memory was affected during the 3.0 20204 update. I tried a Master Reset a few times, fuse/reboot/reset etc with the same results. I was considering an update to 3.4, but not sure if the 3.0 downloaded damaged the APIM hardware, or just a software issue now. Id like to upgrade to 3.4, but not sure of the least or best version to apply to attempt a fix…

SYNC Region: North America & Canada

Navigation Variant: No

Old SYNC Version: 3.0 19205

New SYNC Version: 3.0 20204

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

Syn3 Updater Version:

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read:

Syn3 Updater Log File

When was the last time you replaced the vehicle battery?

Batts are OE, but good and hot. No low voltage issues, ever… And the only thing that changed prior to these issues, was the 3.0 download…

This happens all day long, everyday, can be just a few minutes of sitting in the drivers seat when the accessory delay removes power distribution. On a restart, the default is most often to AM radio, and the same station every time!. If you adjust the station to Sirius, or Source, and do a quick OFF/START, it usually is fine. But not always.

The fact that it affects the APIM and the ACM (radio) points to a power issue that is resetting the ACM to AM and the same station. Or an issue with the ACM.

This is not normal. You should look into a power distribution issue.

F150chief, thanks for your time and responses.

The memory issues started “right after” the 3.0 20204 update. If it were a circuit protect dropout/BCM, hardwire /connector, KAM or, I’d think the clock would loose time. The source and presets followed a pattern, just not what they were set to. Or, that you could quickly power down the ACM and it would power up to the last ‘correct’ setting that was of choice.

Anyway, I updated to 3.3 19052 and ‘everything’ is back to normal with the exception of the Sirius station logos are missing other than one. My guess is that they will repopulate in time (?)

Or, is there a better version you could suggest for my MY? (2017 F-250 Non NAV). Being that the first update jacked up the APIM with no download errors, I’m fine with what I have now, works well, but if the other versions offer a better experience (?), just not sure of what would be best…

Thanks again… Rob

I have seen issues similar to this before where installing Sync 3.4 on a NON-NAV APIM caused issues and rolling back to 3.3 resolves the issues. This seems to be an issue with NON-NAV APIM’s about storage corruption or bad memory blocks, and when updating to Sync 3.4, this problem arises. Sync 3.4 is twice the size of 3.3, and uses virtually all available memory when installed on a NON-NAV APIM. If there is less memory available on the APIM due to storage corruption or bad memory blocks, the APIM can’t process tasks and boots slower. This also manifests as failure to respond to button presses immediately, or losing data. These issues are especially present in pre-2018.5 MY APIM’s. I would say that it would be wise to stay with 3.3 unless you replace the APIM with a newer MY18.5+ unit with NAV.

I’ll stay put with 3.3, Thanks for the heads up…

Was considering an NAV APIM upgrade, but for now it’s working fine…


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