Low rear camera quality and Navi problem after 3.0 to 3.4

Hi guys,
I upgraded from Sync 3.0 (20204) to 3.4 (21265) on my 2017 Kuga. As a map, Europe F11 (2021) - EU (05 2022) / Albania, Bosnia, Craotia, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, San I chose the special section as Marino, Serbian, Slovenia, Turkey and Vatican (License Key: 1ed12f80-b4f8-6ee0-ba3d-0242ac120002).
The 3.4 installation went smoothly, after the green screen, I removed the USB and the screen opened with the new version, everything seemed fine, even the map worked normally at first, then I did a master reset.
Now the navigation gives an error (Navigation malfunction
Navigation is not functioning properly
Please visit your dealer for service.), so the maps do not open, I also noticed that the resolution of the rear view camera is low, the quality was very good in 3.0.
Does anyone have a solution to the issue? I am waiting for your urgent support.

SYNC Region: Europe

Navigation Variant: Yes

Install Type: Stock (Original Unit)

Old SYNC Version: 3.0.20204

New SYNC Version: 3.4.21265

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?
Navigation malfunction
Navigation is not functioning properly
Please visit your dealer for service.

Update Method: CyanLabs Syn3 Updater

Syn3 Updater Version: (Stable)

Syn3 Updater Documentation Read: Yes

Syn3 Updater Log File

Branch: Stable
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 11 Home Single Language (2009)

Version: 3.0.20204
Region: EU
Navigation: True
Install Mode: Otomatik Tarama (reformat)
Install Mode Overridden: False
My20 Protection Enabled: Otomatik Tarama

Mode: Drive
Model: Kingston DataTraveler 2.0 USB Device
Size: 29,7GB
FileSystem: exFAT
Partition Type: MBR


; CyanLabs Syn3Updater Stable - reformat  Mode - Sync 3.4.21265 EU

Item1 = REFORMAT TOOL  - 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Open1 = SyncMyRide\1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz
Options = AutoInstall

FILES (10)
1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz (8,5MB)
4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ (689MB)
1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ (56,8MB)
5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ (1,5GB)
5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ (847,2MB)
1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ (1,7KB)
1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ (2,3GB)
1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ (478,9MB)
1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ (2GB)
4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ (2GB)

[2.08.2022 10:24:50] Selected Region: EU - Release: Sync 3.4.21265 - Map Version: EU - 2022-08-02 - 1659424977 
[2.08.2022 10:24:50] Install Mode: Otomatik Tarama (reformat) Forced: False 
[2.08.2022 10:24:50] MY20 Protection: Otomatik Tarama 
[2.08.2022 10:24:50] Checking Existing File: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[2.08.2022 10:24:50] Validated: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:24:50] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:24:52] Validated: 4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:24:52] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:24:52] Validated: 1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:24:52] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:24:56] Validated: 5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:24:56] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:24:58] Validated: 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:24:58] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:24:58] Validated: 1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:24:58] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:25:04] Validated: 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:25:04] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:25:05] Validated: 1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:25:05] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:25:11] Validated: 1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:25:11] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:25:16] Validated: 4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ (Skipping Download) 
[2.08.2022 10:25:16] Preparing USB drive
[2.08.2022 10:25:16] Checking Existing File: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[2.08.2022 10:25:16] Copying: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[2.08.2022 10:25:17] Validating: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[2.08.2022 10:25:17] Copied: 1u5t-14g386-cb.tar.gz 
[2.08.2022 10:25:17] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:25:17] Copying: 4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:26] Validating: 4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:48] Copied: 4U5T-14G423-AC_1615425645000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:48] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:48] Copying: 1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:54] Validating: 1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:56] Copied: 1U5T-14G658-AG_1626915602000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:56] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:26:56] Copying: 5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:29:36] Validating: 5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:30:29] Copied: 5U5T-14G391-AR_1633363332000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:30:29] Checking Existing File: 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:30:29] Copying: 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:31:57] Validating: 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Copied: 5U5T-14G381-EU_1634769242000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Copying: 1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Validating: 1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Copied: 1U5T-14G424-BL_1646159765000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:32:26] Copying: 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:36:29] Validating: 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:37:46] Copied: 1U5T-14G421-BAJ_1644010894000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:37:46] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:37:46] Copying: 1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:38:34] Validating: 1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:38:50] Copied: 1U5T-14G421-BBJ_1644008981000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:38:50] Checking Existing File: 1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:38:50] Copying: 1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:42:19] Validating: 1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:43:26] Copied: 1U5T-14G421-BGJ_1644011311000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:43:26] Checking Existing File: 4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:43:26] Copying: 4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:46:51] Validating: 4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:47:59] Copied: 4U5T-14G422-BDG_1644012081000.TAR.GZ 
[2.08.2022 10:47:59] Generating reformat.lst
[2.08.2022 10:47:59] Generating autoinstall.lst

Do you have any advice?

The camera resolution issue has been noted on Sync 3.4, but no resolution has been found.

As far as the nav issue, it looks like you might have a language mismatch or missing languages for the NAV Voice. With a 2017 Kuga, you should have enough storage space to install all of the map and voice files. Re-install the nav files, or just perform the reformat installation again with new files thru the Syn3 Updater.

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Thanks a lot, this time I loaded and reset the whole Europe map, but I still had the Navi problem. A little while ago, I loaded the partial map again with 3.4 (21265), now the map is working, but I repeated what I did at first, but I don’t know if it will give an error again. The reason I uploaded the partial map of Europe is that as I mentioned in my previous article, a red screen appears when loading 3.4 + all of Europe.
I’d be happy to hear your ideas.

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Could you run the Interrogator log file in Syn3 Updater and post the results? Redact you VIN if you care.

Hi,thanks a lot.
Here is the log.
Sync_LW1800FR_WF0AXXWPMAHJ04717.xml (10.5 KB)

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You only have a 32GB APIM, so you cannot fit the entire EU map set. This is the original APIM from the factory.
WF0AXXWPMAHJ04717.xml (40.0 KB)

<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“1.1G” available=“1.0M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“2.8G” available=“14M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/sd/MAP/” total=“3.2G” available=“25M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“4.3G” available=“25M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/” total=“1.9G” available=“8.4M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/Nuance/grace” total=“1003M” available=“21M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/” total=“1.2G” available=“988M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/quip/” total=“35M” available=“35M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/rwdata/quip/” total=“90M” available=“90M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/mp/” total=“1.4G” available=“84M”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type=“/fs/mp/resources” total=“72M” available=“332K”/>
<d2p1:PartitionHealth type="/fs/images/" total=“25G” available=“9.5G”/>

See this tutorial. I know a Kuga is not imported, but the article applies to 32GB APIM’s.
Tutorial: Current EU Maps Installation on US Imported Vehicles - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community

Since we didn’t hear back from you after 5 days, I’m closing this thread assuming no farther assistance is needed.

I’m back again, as you suggested in your last message, I checked everything described in “Tutorial: Current EU Maps Installation on US Imported Vehicles - Ford / Guides - CyanLabs Official Community” by connecting with Foscan. All the settings were already as desired, so I didn’t need to make any changes. I live in Turkey and the region setting is 5455, the same is already set in my APIM.
Finally, it was written that I had to Downgrade from 3.4.2210 to 3.3.19052, I did the same, first my region with Map Generator:

F11 (2021) - EU (05 2022)
UK, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Ireland and Isle Of Man
Iberia, Gibraltar, Portugal and Spain
Andorra, France, Monaco and Switzerland
Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Slovakia, Poland and Liechtenstein
Albania, Bosnia, Craotia, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbian, Slovenia, Turkey and Vatican
Bulgaria, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Russian, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Moldova

Then I chose the language:

Dutch, English (British), French, German
Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish
Danish, Finish, Norwegian, Swedish
Czech, Polish, Russian

I loaded it this way, but the result was still unsuccessful, the Map works for a short time and gives a Map error without a chance to reset.
I finally gave up because I tried so many things and it didn’t work.
At the moment, I uploaded 3.4.22110 with the same map again, the map worked for a short time and even asked for directions.
I was able to see it briefly as Navigations Maps Version:F11 in the About SYNC menu, after restarting the car both the maps and the text F11 disappeared.
You have supported me a lot so far, is there anything I can do last? I don’t know if I should load the maps manually anymore, and when I connect with Forscan, which SYNC 1,2,3 didn’t ask when checking the modules, whereas I saw this being asked in many videos. Do you have any information about this?
Thank you very much for your support.

Can you post your installation log? Did you install the first 2 map files along with the highlighted files here? You should have 4 files installed for maps.