Low Volume all external sources ( usb bluetooth)

Havent been able to find someone that has posted a solution anywhere maybe someone here can help at this point im guessing its in the acm settings, I have a 2016 focus 4 inch to 8 inch and added xm not sure if the acm i pulled had HD radio or not as it has been awhile everything is working fine and correct with the expection of volume of any external source is about half the volume it should be Xm volume radio volume and nav promts are all great. But usb stick usb cable bluetooth or anything of that nature the volume is about how half as loud im hoping someone can help me out maybe seen this before theres a pic of the acm serial model etc and the abt file that i have pulled this is driving me crazy hopefully someone can help if so lmk i can send the abt
(Not Sure if i am posting in this in the right place if not i am sorry )

SYNC Region: NA

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: Retrofit

Old SYNC Version: 3.3

New SYNC Version: 3.4.21388

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

What’s the part number on the ACM? Do have a pic of the label on it?

First thing there would be did you load your factory AB back into the donor unit and is the APIM set for no Sony DSP.
If the ACM is XM/HD radio capable the logic is set for all of the amplification to come out of the Sony DSP which you don’t have. If it still has the donor’s Asbuilt in it that’s your problem.

I Dont Have the label off of it but can pull back out if i need to. This swap was done a few years ago and been living with but had a bad apim and now since getting that fixed am trying to work out all the kinks. And looking to more reliezeing a few things seem off
1 Am getting a DTC on the ACM (Coudndt connect to ipc)
2 Im not sure if this unit has HD radio but just getting normal Fm/Am
3 The old files from my car on are a laptop that no longer works so Only Have the Abt that i pulled From this one.
4 I parted this Sync 3 From Multiple sources and use Naviupgrade to Purchase the Progarmming file from sync to 3 Etc So just loaded in never really played with too much myself

focus acm.abt (497 Bytes)

This should fix your problem…

727-01-01 xxxx xCxx xx
727-01-02 07
727-04-01 xxxx 02xx xx

And yes I’m aware this doesn’t match the DB, the values are from pulling the AB from US 2016 Focus SE vs US 2016 Focus Ti. When you do an ACM swap to get HD radio you actually drop YOUR factory AB into the “new” HD radio ACM so that it matches your car. The APIM change is just the button to turn the HD radio function off and on in the tuner menu. (You can actually have HD radio stations set in the presets, go into the APIM, disable the button and the presets will still work just as long as HD was turned on via the button before you removed it).

The Focus/Escape/Fiesta/CMAX ACMs aren’t quiet the same as the ones in the Fusion/F150 and the DB seems to be drawn more from those.

Made Changes no differance on volume issue HD i think now is setting in Apim did not make those changes yet but as far as the volume issues still the same volume 10 on am /Fm nav is pretty loud everything else sounds muted have to drive up the volume

You are trying to adjust the volume for each while they are selected right?
The only change in the APIM that might cause this is having it set for the Sony DSP which you don’t have. 7D0-01-01 should be 2xxx xxxx xxxx

No Not trying to adjust each individual really don’t care too much about that and not sure if there is a fix at all but any source other then am or FM weather Bluetooth USB or xm the volume sounds like its literally cut in half if not more have to turn to max volume most of time for everything but if turn on the radio will blast you out the car

Each one stores its own volume when its selected as the source.
With the car running, select BT audio and while its playing adjust the volume, then change the source to another one (eg AM) adjust the volume., etc
With BT you also have to look at the volume from the phone/device.

Yes I am aware just to give alittle context I am a 12 volt installer and have been for about 15 yrs so I am familiar with the settings and source volumes. The output for all other sources is reduced by about half no matter the adjust and I know the acm has the output as am/fm give you that right volume there might not be a fix but was hoping maybe someone has come across and could be a acm setting due to doing the sync 3 upgrade

My first suggestion here would be to get the .AB from a 2016 Focus SE (used car sites are great for this, get the VIN and then pull down the AB from https://www.motorcraftservice.com/Asbuilt/ ) as that will have an ACM that has Sirius, just not HD radio. This should match the speaker setup in the car and a Sirius capable ACM will have just a black & a mustard coax connection (HD radio rides on the AM/FM black, Sirius is the mustard). If you don’t have two connectors, the ACM is a basic AM/FM radio which would be one from an S trim.
Drop the downloaded AB into the ACM (this doesn’t kill HD radio), save and then do a module reboot.