Many issues with Sync 3.4.23088

Hi everyone,
I recently upgraded to Sync 3.4.23088.
Everything was fine but suddenly many issues like black screen on start, master reset nor working and screen frozen, impossibility to push on any buttons, etc…
My idea was to insert the USB stick with the Sync 3.4.23088 version that i used to upgrade 2 months before.
And then i got “INSTL_ЕRR12”.

Could someone help me please ?
I was told that the problem is rwdata or something like that.

Thank you for you help


Create and run an interrogator log, post the results here.

After many trying, the interrogator log doesn’t work.
I think my APIM doesn’t create it on the USB key.

“Doesn’t work” does not tell us anything.

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I don’t find any log file on my usb stick that I used for then interrogator log.
As previously it was working before those many issues.


Either you are out of storage space, so it can’t even run the interrogator tool or your unit is faulty.

What model and year this was installed in?

Here is the specs

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