Map Release Question

How often do new map packs release?

I have NA119 right now, which seems to be Q1 2019.

How frequently are new maps made available?

Highly sporadic, history has been:

Aug 2017
Sept 2018
Aug 2019

…and that’s it!

Thank you.

I know HERE releases in Q1 each year and I guess it takes ford until mid Q3 to incorporate it into Sync.

I was trying to figure out if I’d get a free map pack upgrade when the new one releases. Looks like I will, since it will be within one year of purchase, but barely.

You’ll be able to get it from the app either way.

Thank you for responding.

Shouldn’t it have been released aug., or sep. of 2020? Maybe it was delayed because of the covid 19 virus. Hopefully, it’ll be released q1 of this year.

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