Mapas de Argentina

Buenos diás gente, como encuentro la version de sync 3 , 3.4 con los mapas de la argentina, region maerica del sur???

perdon por las molestias, ya resolvi mi problema con los mapas de sudamerica.

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Hola, soy de Chile, como lo resolviste?

This is an English speaking community.
I’ve just replied to your other thread.
Please, do not post the same question in many places.

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Thanks for your reply and support.

Hi Rodolfo, I am from Colombia and have same problem with South America maps. Could you please help me.

What issues do you have?

Hello, I have this version 3.0 and revision 20204, in the maps app the rest of the world does not appear like the videos seen or Latin America

I’m not understanding what your issue is.
Also, not sure what video you are refereeing to.

Argentina and South America is contained in ANZ, not ROW.
Current version of the app (2.5.7) does not show ANZ anymore, so you can’t go wrong selecting the region.

no longer called ROW, look for your specific country in the dropdown list of the regions

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