MAPS/NAV not showing on Homescreen.. SYNC3.4

I have seen images on Google where it shows the maps instead of the Compass on the homescreen. How do i get this? I upgraded to 3.4.20196.
2019 Everest.


Depends on your region, you can’t change it

I am in South Africa

Yes so you don’t get it on the home screen

I also see you have already asked this and moderator @Louage already replied and answered you.

Shoot… That just makes no sense at all.

Blame ford :joy: it’s because the non EU non NA maps are by a different company.

Hello my apim does not have factory navigation but I did the usb interrogator and it comes out: apim type: navigation and apim size: 32gb apim model: JR3T-14G371-BED can you install the browser?

Are you asking if you can install navigation?

Yes, can navigation be installed?

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