Maps update from Ford

Hi. In the ford site there s an update to the map. I already have sync 3.4. Can I update the map from Ford site?

The map update is probably for sync 3.0 and the latest maps are still 1.19/F9 so there won’t be any reason to update them.

Thank you for the fast reply and for all the work…

Welcome to the forum, Andre!

does that apply to ROW as well because ROW downloads 2018 Q4 while in ford website there is a new update?

these are the files from ford of the new map update

Those are NA maps for Sync 3.0…not 3.2+

JR3T-14G421-CE 8.9Gb Sync3 v3.2.19311-Pre18.5 NA.1.19 (09.08.2019)

If you are looking for the latest ROW maps they are…

4U5T-14G421-FAG 4.3Gb Sync3 v3.2.19325 CAM (18Q4), Caribbean (1812), India (18Q4), Israel (1907), MENA (18Q4), SAF (18Q4), SEA (1812)

thank you for the reply, I already have the (18Q4) i was looking for a new update but really glad you told me its US version thanks!