Max Defrost Not Working


I’ve recently done an upgrade from MFT to Sync 3 and then updated to sync3 3.4. I did an entire APIM overhaul with @F150chief and was really happy with the result. However, now that it’s winter time up here in Northern Ontario Canada, I’ve noticed that there are two items that need attention with the defrost settings.

In the images below, you’ll see that the first button (MAX) is available for selection but does not activate anything when pressed. However, when my finger is on it, you’ll see it acknowledges but lighting up the little indicator on the right of the button (second image) however the light goes off as soon as my finger is off the button.

The second item isn’t so much as an issue, but rather a question. Does anyone know what the button is for that is not able to be selected? it’s slightly washed out and does nothing when I select it. Any thoughts?


That’s the front heated windscreen button.

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My best guess would be that either your BCM or apim needs calibration updates to get that working, it is common for newer functionality to not work on older vehicles when enabled unfortunately.

The second button is the heated front windscreen, almost all Fords in the EU have them, they’re excellent in colder climates

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I can only assume that my 2014 explorer limited does not have that feature, but now that I know that, damn I want it lol.

So the issue then would only be to get the Max defrost setting working properly.

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