MEM_ERR01 using Interrogator tool

I tried to update my maps sometime ago using the Ford website download, this failed and then never recognised my USB stick again so I have never been able to update them.

I then had to do a master reset of my unit so it is back at 3.0.20204 PRODUCT

I have always had issues with the MEM_ERR01 error even using the Ford updates

I created the Interrogator using the tool so I could see how much space I have, and when I insert the USB stick into my car I get a MEM_ERR01 error

My ultimate aim is to get up to the latest 3.4 with the F11 maps, but I can’t even interrogate the unit

This is my log file when creating the tool
[24/08/2022 18:51:56] Selected Region: EU - Release: Interrogator Log Utility - Map Version: F11 (2021) - EU (05 2022)
[24/08/2022 18:51:56] Install Mode: Auto-Detect (autoinstall) Forced: False
[24/08/2022 18:51:56] MY20 Protection: Auto-Detect
[24/08/2022 18:51:56] Formatting USB drive
[24/08/2022 18:51:56] Re-creating partition table as MBR and formatting as ExFat on selected USB drive
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Checking Existing File: GB5T-14G386-AA_56065.tar.gz
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Validated: GB5T-14G386-AA_56065.tar.gz (Skipping Download)
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Preparing USB drive
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Checking Existing File: GB5T-14G386-AA_56065.tar.gz
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Copying: GB5T-14G386-AA_56065.tar.gz
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Validating: GB5T-14G386-AA_56065.tar.gz
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Copied: GB5T-14G386-AA_56065.tar.gz
[24/08/2022 18:52:05] Generating Autoinstall.lst

It says Maps F11 at the start of the log, I have maps F9 at present. My car configuration is set correctly, although there is no where to tell it what maps I have installed

I read another post that perhaps I should use GB5T-14G386-AB_134244 but when I did instead of the MEM error I get the LST_ERR05

Hope someone can help, I have a 2017 Ford Focus


GB5T-14G386-AA is the correct file to use for Sync 3.0.xxxxx. -AB and above is for Sync 3.2+.

There appears to be something wrong with the Sync unit, since the Ford packages and interrogator utility do not work.
Is it possible to find out the part number of the unit for your 2017 Ford Focus by lookinf at the unit? Do you have FORScan and an adapter to read the Sync unit?

I don’t have FORScan or an adapter
where would I find the part number, I know the serial number is in the “About” screen


You would need to look at the unit itself…

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