Mileage change in IPC

Not sure if this has been noted before. I installed Sync 3.4.19200 onto my 2018 Focus ST without any problems and I am very pleased with the various changes. However when I ran FORScan after the update the IPC information in the config.txt now shows Odometer reading of 66891 miles whereas total distance is 12668.5 miles. The information from a reading done prior to the update showed no difference between either reading. Not sure if this was a consequence of installing the update or not given that I had also made some changes to the IPC file at the same time - added compass and navigation. Any suggestions on how I might correct IPC mileage reading?

This will not of in any way been caused by SYNC 3 updates

Thanks - I didn’t think that the change was related to the install but raised it just in case there was an issue. Thanks also for the work that you have done in making the updates available. I am about to install the latest version of Sync 3.