Missing Android Auto Assistant sound

I have a 2015 Fusion Hybrid that I did the 4 - 8 conversion to get Sync 3 and everything is working except for the voice assistant in android auto which seems really odd to only have that not working.

The head unit that I got came with 3.4.19274 and I was able to update it to 3.4.22110 using the guides provided on this site. I have confirmed that both calls and music work over bluetooth and in android auto with all the seprate volumes that calls, music, and nav are turned up. If I ask the voice assistant it can hear me and transcribes the request and then acts like its responding but I hear nothing and when I press the volume button I get the voice volume label but don’t hear anything when turned up to max.
I was wondering if anyone knows if the voice assistant is sent differently from all other media to the speakers.

I hope this makes sense and if not let me know what questions you have and I’ll answer them.

Thank you

Just to confirm, are you trying to use the assistant OUTSIDE of Android Auto/via BT using the feature to hold down the voice button for a few seconds to activate it? Or are you using it inside Android Auto where it shows the telltale ‘assistant bar’ at the bottom of the screen?

The former feature is known to not work completely on these at least in my experience and has never been fixed and exhibits the same behaviors you’re mentioning. Activate the feature, it will act like there’s an active voice call (if you’ve got a phone status display on your IPC, it won’t indicate this on the touch screen) and give you the classic ‘Assistant tone’, you can speak, but when it gets to where it should respond there’s nothing and that ‘voice call’ goes away. The phone will still process the request usually. If you have an active Bluetooth Audio stream going you will usually hear it respond over that after it returns to playing your media over BT.

Only reason I mention that in particular is I’ve never seen any known issues with the assistant coming through over Android Auto proper in Sync 3. If this is the case, I’d go through some basic troubleshooting including making sure all your apps and services are up to date on your phone and maybe try deleting the BT pairing and also the vehicle from the AA app and then try setting it up again.

Also if you have not already done so after the Sync upgrade, make sure to do a master reset.

No, this is the assistant inside of Android Auto via usb, I was able to find that they know about this issue

Thanks for the reply I was looking for a sanity/insanity check of what I did as it was so frustrating after getting everything swapped and working only to find one thing that seemingly did not make sense as to why it was not working and wanted to make sure that it was not something I missed in the programming of the car.

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