More info about updating from Sync 3

Hi just wanted to ask a few questions with my Ford Fiesta ST mk8 2018 my system is on sync 3 latest available update on Ford website.
Is this cyanlabs legit ford updates or is it like a jailbreak system, I will update just not sure if it will void my extended warranty I have work Ford if they know it’s not at sync 3 what it should be. Will it keep my ST logo on screen and everything still work like parking camera and Bluetooth. Also I don’t have forscan so is this possible without using that
Thank you

Everything here is 100% legit. There is no JB software or unauthorized software.

The warranty issue is up to you to decide. Even if the APIM was to fail under the extended warranty, the cost difference to replace it, given the deductible on the warranty, would not be much different. The update to Sync 3.4 should not cause any issues from Sync 3.0.

Packages that you will install are Ford’s, CyanLabs just created a tool to facilitate the access to them lets say. You do not need to JB anything, since everything is done according to Ford’s methods.

Well, technically that would void the warranty. To what extent, will depend on the dealer. But if the find out the APIM is not stock, of course it should not void the engine or gearbox’s warranty.
Mostly, they just do not care nor loose time in finding out what really happened to the APIM. And, if you are paranoid, you can always downgrade to 3.3 which has the same look and feel as 3.0.

If your unit is 100% stock, you should be fine.
Only “issues” are with aftermarket modifications or configuration modification performed by users prior the upgrade. The upgrade may set those settings back to original values.

Also, you would end the process by performing a Master Reset, so you will have to reconfigure BlueTooth and all customization.

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Okay thank you for your information well surely if it is Ford released update it won’t effect the APIM and it’s still a standard module won’t be void due to still having ford release software

Thank you for your information

Also what software do you think I should go to the latest one available (newest) on cyan labs


Well it’s not a version of sync intended for your car so it’s not warranty approved in that sense.

Okay thank you