[MOVED] Help upgrading maps

Hello, I have an S MAX MY20+ or built in 2022 with 3.4.22251 and F11 cards. F12 Voice is also already installed.

I want to upgrade to 3.4.23088 and F12 maps. Is it possible to do this without downgrading and without reformatting?

Not enough information. But you can do this: make sure Syn3Updater has MY20 protection enabled and see what maps does the tool offer. If MY20 protection is enabled, the tool will only show maps that can be installed with autoinstall.

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Assuming you are EU like your profile says, yes you can, they are not ESN locked, just select Maps Only on Syn3 Updater and unselect the Voice packages if you already have them.

Now I always get an error when he tries to read the XML. Now I don’t get the opportunity to download the files anyway.

As I said before, since your unit is clearly MY20, configure Syn3Updater accordingly: enable MY20 protection.

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