Nav Fault after Upgrading

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Thank you so much for organising this community, which is really helpful for us to do some exciting mods.

I recently bought an north america version SYNC3 unit (with Nav) to upgrade my old sync1 system. As I am living in Australia, I tried to use the Cyanlab software to change the region. I know it’s not supported, but that’s the only method I’ve found so far.

I firstly downgraded my sync3 from 3.4.20021 to 3.3.19052 and then changed the region to ANZ in the Cyanlab software to create the upgrade media (3.4.20021). The installation process went well, but I got the navigation fault error when it finished upgrade and reboot. I’ve tried master reset and left the car running for a few hours, the error still persists.

Could you help me create a installation pack if possible? I am more than happy to support you via paypal as a big thank!


I think the problem here is that your region on the APIM is still set to whatever it was previously in the AS BUILT. You can try changing the region using FORScan and then clear the navigation fault by using the “Clear navigation fault” option in the testing settings menu (or do a master reset).

Since the installation worked, there is nothing a custom package can really do for you. The problem is most likely due to the actual APIM configuration.

Or a faulty GPS antenna. Did it ever work with the new APIM? I know when i upgraded i got the Nav fault until I got a new GPS antenna

Hmm, could be that too. Might be worth trying the software fix before buying a new GPS antenna but if the new antenna worked for you then it might fix the problem for OP too.

My issue was interesting… Got the Nav Fault message… would hit the Close button… then within 5 - 10 seconds the maps would come up and work. Replacing GPS antenna just this weekend fixed it.

Thank you very much guys, will try update the AS BUILT first :slight_smile:

Thank you guys so much, nav works now after changing APIM AS-BUILT to correct region!

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Glad to hear it fixed the issue!

my sync, since I updated to the new versions here of cyanlab, still has navigation failure. I’ve tried several procedures: how to reset the apim, reset the sync. But none really works. I tried to enter the test menu, to select the remove navigation fault, however, there is no way to click on the option. can anybody help me?

You are much more likely to get help if you start your own thread/topic and explain in detail what you have done, what you tried to do, what versions you were on, what versions you are now on etc.

What is your region, vehicle, explain in detail what you have done, what you tried to do, what versions you are now on etc. Is your region in the APIM correct? Could you fill out you profile for vehicle, etc., please…

Could you please share how you changed the region, i have same issues.

Thank you.

Try to substitute the original map file in the package with your country’s. And try to flash again. Worked for me but Not sure if it works for u too.

You have a US 2019 Edge imported to Iraq? You will need FORScan or UCDS to change the region if needed.

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