NAV Map update for a NON-NAVI VIN'd vehicle

Did a DIY APIM upgrade for my 2020 Ranger (Sync 8) Non-Nav to Nav. But my maps are NA119

I downloaded the Ford Update using a known NAV vin, but the ESN scared me. Obviously my VIN is a non nav so I can’t update it. I do NOT know the vin from the APIM that I installed. It appears to be a 2020 unit from a Mustang. (I am Forscan savy)

Details: Running 3.4.2028
Gracenote (NA-0020)
Navigation Maps NA119

This may be a dumb question, but if you go to the About Sync3 section, your original non-nav VIN is displayed, right?. I’m saying this because I’m not sure if you can (or even should) change the VIN to enable a map upgrade. Even if possible, I would not do that.

In the meantime, you can check this thread → Tutorial: 2020 North America 2.20 Map Installation (Stand-Alone without Reformat) with Updated NAV_Voice 06/21/2021
You can install more current maps with Syn3updater and that thread as a guide, since you have a MY20 unit you can’t reformat it, but you can use autoinstall as described.

Yes you are correct. My VIN is showing. I tried a update via WiFi and it’s at 3.4 20282

I will take a look at that thread. Thank You

I tried the Sync3updater and after 45 minutes it comes back and says the update failed. I downloaded the latest 3.4 Sync but only the NA220 on the maps

Sync 8?

So to update a 2020+ Nav APIM you must have the VIN to the Nav APIM. Than you change the VIN in the BCM and it will work for the update as the APIM will now reflect the VIN and match the ESN.

You will get a ton of DTC’s but you can clear them when your done and change the VIN back.

I know forscan doesn’t show a VIN the APIM. I don’t have the VIN as I bought this unit used. I do have a VIN of a NAV equipped vehicle. Anyway to dump this from the APIM?

This APIM appears to be out of a Mustang, I have it in a truck.

I was able to separate the updates (NA220 first) SYNC update 2nd and it worked. Thank You for pointing me in the right direction.

You must have the VIN for that APIM to match the ESN if you want to upgrade the NAV on a 2020+ APIM.

Glad it worked, thank hoy for letting us know.

Due to the latest maps being ESN locked, sadly you can’t update them at the moment.

I’m setting a 7 days of inactivity auto-closure for this thread, since I believe your question is now solved.

If there’s any particular reason to keep this open, just let us know.

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