Nav or no nav

Since I can’t find this number HM5T-14G370-GBE in the database, could someone please let me know if this apim has navigation and also, is it possible to tell if a apim has navigation by looking at the connectors??

Looks like it has Nav. Was out of a Focus or Taurus.

What I do is get the VIN it came out of and run it in the Ford AsBuilt data base. I look to see if the nav option is turned on and than I will know for sure.

Thats a really old model though. I would avoid it and atleast find a J series. Avoid the ones that have 2 USB ports on the back. They are the Sync 3 Gen 1 modules and are not very good.

No, you cannot. But take Bill’s advice and look for a J-series APIM.

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