Nav time issue on new Sync

I updated my sync to 3.4 last year. At the moment my nav is giving the wrong arrival time, it changes as we go. Should I update my system again? Can I do this through the regular ford channels or should I use the updater again?

You won’t be able to update through Ford’s website if your vehicle came with 3.0. Use the Syn3Updater app to update your vehicle to a new 3.4 build.

Seeing as you posted this in an old thread related to the old updater app, please ensure you download the latest version of the updater app off this site if it doesn’t update automatically.

My vehicle came with 3.3. Same story?

No, if it came with 3.3 you should have updates through Ford’s website. Only cars that came with 3.0 can’t update to 3.4 directly.

The arrival time is based off of the route you choose and conditions along the way. It is dynamic and will update occasionally. If you are seeing it change by hours, you have either crossed into another time zone or have issues with your GPS. Does your clock work properly in Sync?

but how does Ford know that I upgraded from 3.3 to 3.4?

When you officially update, an USB is created. Once the car is updated, there’s a file that’s generated on the USB. Ford asks you to send them that file, so that they can register that you successfully updated.

That’s how they know.
If you do not send that file, they do not have a way of knowing.

It is also reported over wifi/modem

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