Navigation repeater


I am trying to get navigation repeater on my Ford Mondeo MK5 2016.

Updated Sync to 3.4.22110 and selected enabled all in FORScan from simple dropdown menu in IPC and APIM but without luck.
Tried with Motorola to Intel and vice versa, did master reset of Sync and nothing.

My IPC looks like this:


Is this possible to do or I am missing something?
Will IPC firmware update fix this for me?

Also one question, if I make firmware update will settings be reset or will stay with current values?

Have you tried this in the IPC?

Usually the settings will stay the same.

Here is mine current

As can I see all enabled?

I doubt a 2016 car is going to be capable of this function. presumably before you updated to 3.4 you didn’t have this either?

Yes I did not have it, when bought a car had 2.x version :confused: I saw on one Focus from 2017, very similar IPC and it has it, so I thought I could have it

This may, or may not help you:

Though a focus I would think similar process especially with ForScan now has the easy mode to enable things.

THanks @ppal1981 I tried it :confused:

my 2015 Ford Focus had it but that IPC is not the same as that, the display on your one is horrible resolution and very low quality compared to the Ford focus Mk3 one.

Hm yes, will need to replace to virtual IPC :slight_smile:
Thanks guys :slight_smile:

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