Need Andriod auto install. I've lost andriod auto due to Baidu carlife crap app. I need to replace that app with a new install of andriod auto. Please help me

I installed sync which did well except for the install of this Chinese app called Baidu carlife. I have navigation and that works well. Its just I’ve lost Android auto. Will someone please give me a fresh clean install of Andriod auto. Please help guys.

Android Auto is installed from the google play store

Why you can use Baidu CarLife? I think it’s only work in China.
In China APIM With CarLife without Android Auto ,but I can change the region CN to others by Forscan then the APIM with Android Auto without Carlife.
So is there a way that don’t need to change the APIM region to use Android Auto?

改地区就有andriod auto了 但是有点不完美,会没有GPS定位。我现在就是这么用的。

Carlife 太难用了。改到那个地区了?HK TW 都是繁体的 我想要简体中文的

香港就是简体。改好后要重置。 :innocent:

怪不得,我没有重置。GPS用不了只是影响自动的导航吧?除了这个还有别的影响吗?收音机什么的 :sweat_smile:



Google Maps 国内定位会有偏移,Android Auto 上有其他导航应用可以用吗?不跑偏的


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This is an English speaking group, please post in English.

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Sorry, I can’t speak English :smile:

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LOL ,My English is poor :joy:

Merry Xmas @andspenka

Any non English replies need to have a English translation included!

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