New Gracenote Database


Last month I’ve downloaded the latest update for te 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid, built in Mexico for the Brazilian market. Its contents appears to bring a new Gracenote Database.

I’ll post the file list here, if any of these files interest to anyone, I can upload them.

Thank you for the great job, eager to be able to contribute a tiny bit for it.

File List:
GB5T-14G386-AB.tar.gz 44159 bytes
HB5T-14G386-AHJ.tar.gz 8217693 bytes
HB5T-14G386-TCB.tar.gz 32226 bytes
HB5T-14G386-THA.tar.gz 25348 bytes
HB5T-14G387-AAB.tar.gz 5470 bytes
JR3T-14G381-AS.tar.gz 427110671 bytes
JR3T-14G423-DB.tar.gz 763323509 bytes

I’ve uploaded it to Google Drive, here’s the link:

I also have the update for the North American version of the same car, here’s the filelist:


But it’s a 12 GB upload, let me know if you need any of these files

Thanks, however I don’t need any of these files

These are 3.0 and therefore older than the 3.4 ones.