New ROW Maps updates

I have an issue with the Update app, there are a new Map 2020 Q4 however as shown here with the screenshot the only option shows 2019 Q4 as an option.

Are you sure about that?
Where did you read / find it ?

I was not able to find a 2020 map update for ROW NNG. You could go to the Ford.Naviextras website and try there with your VIN. You have to load up the app and register.

I thought he meant he saw 2020 ROW maps somewhere else.

There are no 2020 ROW maps so far.

What I met was, I have updated my maps 2020 4Q already, however, the app does not allow for a 2019 4Q option bejond 2019. Meaning I can select the 2020 4Q maps option in the app to update the firmware.

Well, they are on the Naviextras site via the Ford Toolbox. That is what I suspected, but do not have a valid VIN to check. (Since I’m in the US…)

Thanks for the info.

So as you can see, the App does not address bejond 2019 Q4

Yes, we will need to find the maps…

This must be new, someone please wireshark the urls

I just need a valid VIN…

Found this on the Naviextras MAZDA site. There are new maps available for NNG. The Mazda breakdown is a little different from Ford.

Map of Gulf region 2020 Q4 (May 2021) Released September 2021
Map of Hong Kong, Macao 2020 Q4 (May 2021) Released September 2021
Map of Latin America 2020 Q4 (May 2021) Released August 2021
Map of South Africa 2020 Q4 (May 2021) Released July 2021
Map of Southeast Asia 2020 Q4 (May 2021) Released August 2021
Map of Taiwan 2020 Q4 (May 2021) Released June 2021

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See my screenshot

as I have already updated my Maps to 2020 4Q, see the screenshot

We still need to find a valid VIN to access the maps…

I do not feel comfortable giving out my Vin on a website

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If you could find one like on a vehicle for sale or something, not yours. PM it to me if you are able to find something.

Yup as mentioned previously without VIN’s we can’t get the link.

If you do not want to do it you are in your right of course, but maybe you can use wireshark to get the URLs yourself and then share them with us.
We can’t get the links without a VIN.

All this is based on collaboration, the fact that you can install something via Syn3updater is because someone found it first. About new ROW maps, you are the first one, no other came with the same information.

It’s like Waze: for the app to warn about heavy traffic some one needs to get into the traffic jam to report it first… It’s all about collaboration…

And on a side note: I can assure you F150chief (a Mod and Leader) and Cyanlabs (the creator of the tool) have access to hundreds (if not thousands) of VINs, and they do not care about them. I concur with you that publicly posting a VIN may not be wise, but sending it via DM privately to either one of them is totally different.

Of course, it’s up to you, but I wanted to point that out.


Correct :smiley:

(All VIN’s logged with consent by users, you are warned before uploading)


NaviExtras links for 2020 Q4 found!

Added to Syn3 Updater… however as these are NaviExtra links and not standard Ford Binary links, this is a paid feature for Syn3 Updater (just like 2019 ROW is unless from Ford)

You will therefore require a paid license key to download 2020 Q4 Maps!


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