Newbie what am I doing wrong

Can’t get out of the stable . Downloaded syn3 updates latest version . Input details from my existing sync 3 I’m on version 3.0 .19205 build EU MAPS 4 14 when I start software I can view log I can see invalid and missing I let it run then the software will hang after about an hour . I’ve tried many times different memory sticks and computers I get the same hang issue . It will not progress but I can see in log it’s saying formatting from mbr to exfat it won’t progress beyond this . Not a good start .

Current download in photo showing errors in log is this normal . Running windows 10 .

Just to be sure, disable any antivirus program that you may have.
If not, that’s possible a bug in the app itself.

What you are seeing is normal logfile reporting. As far as the hanging, try another USB 3 drive pre-formatted as Exfat. As @SaNdMaN indicates, something is preventing you writing to the drive. This is not an app issue, but a local computer rights issue or anti-virus program.

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