No Flank Guard or Parking sensors on Sync 3

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Trust you all are keeping well.
On my 16 Fusion after Rear Camera swap to 2019 ver. and Sync1 to Sync3 upgrade don’t have the Park Assist Guides on Screen. Tried 2G Fusion suggestions and these didn’t work for me. My car has just the rear sensors.

Is there a way of getting these feature?

Thanks for reading.

Perhaps this can help?

Just an FYI, looks like that link isn’t working and trying to access that thread through the forum search also doesn’t work. Takes me to an ‘Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.’ page.

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Thanks, Should be fixed now, bunch of stuff being changed today :slight_smile:

Literally big thank you. But these didn’t work for me.
I’ll give another try following days and let ya all know.

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