No function after official Ford SYNC update from 2.2 to 3.0

i hope i got all the information right. Lately i wanted to update my SYNC3 the official way. After preparing everything i went for a little trip while keeping the pendrive in the usb port. A little banner on top said “system update processing …” or something like that. After 1.5h of driving I had to turn it off since i had to go.

I was prepared for max. 30 minutes, since Ford mentioned it that way. Next day i started the car again it said “update finished, update will be available after the next start”, but after the next start the display stayed black. Only the backlight went on. USB is not working, at least my phone is not charging. No radio, no bluetooth.

Does anyone has some hints how i can fix this misery? Can I give you more information ?

I’ve already found some similar posting here to this topic, but i can’t realy get a real solution out of this different posts.

I can read out some APIM information with forscan:

Part number: HS7T-14G371-FAD
Calibration level: HS7T-14G371-FAD
Harduare Number: HS7T-14G380-CA
Secondary Boot Loader: GB5T-14G376-AA
Strategy (CAN, F188): GB5T-14G374-CB
Calibration (CAN, F124): GB5T-14G375-FA

ECU Configuratio/Sound: None
ECU Configurationuminaton None

Image (USB, 8033): HNIT-14G381-LF
Image (CAN Sub DO, 8033): None

SYNC Region: EU

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 2.2.16223

New SYNC Version: 2.2.16223

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

What Sync 3 build exactly were you trying to update to?

I think i should be 3.0.20204 if i understand the ford page correctly. I downloaded a zip file with the following content:

├── autoinstall.lst
└── SyncMyRide
…├── GB5T-14G386-AC.tar.gz
…├── HB5T-14G386-TCC.tar.gz
…├── HB5T-14G386-THB.tar.gz
…├── JR3T-14G381-AX.tar.gz
…├── JR3T-14G391-AE.tar.gz
…└── JR3T-14G423-AB.tar.gz

In the .lst I see the following lines confirming this:

; SYNC3 Consumer Assembly Upgrade - Release 3.0.25 - Only for Nav/EU assemblies.


New insights: I opened the interior to get a sight on that label of the apim.
mfg date: 12/03/16
model: 14G370

What did Ford say when they asked them about their update?

Ford said basically: “since you are out of warranty, go f yourself or pay” :'). and it starts with 130€ each work hour.

Download Syn3Updater, fill in the correct information and create a new package. You can choose apps only followed by maps or ideally an app and map package in one.

Firstly disconnect your car battery for 10 minutes.