No Sirius After Update

I have a 2019 F150 with Sync3 and Navigation. Radio came with 3.3.19052 and the NA1.17 maps from the factory. I used the updater to take the radio to 3.4.19274 (To avoid the 20XXX bugs) with the NA1.19 maps. Upgrade seemed to work fine at first glance. Radio and maps updated to the new versions. But I’ve lost Sirius XM. This is not a subscription issue. I click Audio->Source and then select the SiriusXM button and nothing happens. Radio can’t switch to SiriusXM. What am I missing here? Thanks…

Firstly master reset and then i believe you need to reconfigure Sirus, It’s not something we have in the UK so i can’t assist further with this specific issue.

If it doesn’t work and I have to downgrade back to 3.3.19502, will the maps delete? I only ask because when I selected the Downgrade option in the app, the only option under Maps is No Maps. What happens if I have maps installed and install the downgrade with no maps?

Master reset after upgrade did the trick. Thanks!

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No :slight_smile:

Was pretty confident it would, this is a super important step and is mentioned multiple places! :slight_smile: