No sound in parktronic after upgrade from BVC to SYNC 3

Hi everyone! I had a problem with parktronic display, but I managed, I had to change PDC architecture to C1MCA and 10 sensors (Parallel and Park Out Only) APA Lite Plus. But I still don’t have the sound of the sensors working (before the upgrade it worked), I have a 2018 ACM CV4T from a Kuga and SYNC 3.4. Is APIM or ACM responsible for the sound of the parktronics?
Focus MK3 2011r.

This is likely an asbuilt issue in the APIM and/or ACM. If you could post your asbuilts for these we can take a look.

ACM, i think this asbuilt is messed up, i dont know why but acm database shows different options and ucds show different options…

727-01-01: 9(D)01 0C01 946F
727-01-01: 9501 0C01 14E7
727-01-01: 9701 0C01 14E9
727-01-01: 9401 0C01 14E6
727-01-01: 9601 0C01 14E8

I think about try this settings, give me feedback


727-01-01: 9701 0C01 14E9 changed this on ACM and all working! :blush:

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