Nothing happens after plugging in my USB drive to update Sync 3


I downloaded the Cyanlabs updater and followed all instructions, i.e. updated my current built and selected correct region, downloaded all files (3.4 excl maps) etc. BUT, unfortunately after I plug in my USB drive in my cars USB socket nothing happens. I tried the ‘official ford way’ as well, and I have the same issue. I understand some text should display at the top of the screen and some pop up windows should appear as well, but nothing. I waited for several minutes thinking maybe it was a bit slow, but no luck. I had engine on and then plugged the USB drive in - nothing. I switched the engine off, plugged USB drive in and then started the engine again - nothing. I can see my drive receives power from the USB port, Apple Carplay works fine too.

I am not sure what is going on. Any suggestions\advice?

Thank you.

Here are 2 things you can try:
A) Make sure there’s no other USB device connected on another port
B) Try a different USB stick

If both Ford and CyanLab’s drives are not recognized, then there’s something else going on.

I’m assuming you are creating the drive using Syn3 Updater, which will format it the way the car needs…

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You beat me to it haha

Thank you, both.

I managed to install the update with other memory stick, BUT it now says ‘Navigation malfunction’.

Any ideas how to fix it?

It is now build 3.4 20282

Thank you.

Sounds like you haven’t master reset, If you have take it for a drive.

Thanks. So, do I just press ‘master reset’ in Sync settings?

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Yes, this is super important to do which is why it is documented in the instructions.


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