OPS radar display

Ford Mondeo has installed sync3. How to realize the OPS radar display as shown in the figure below? Sync3 has been changed to display. Now the radar parameters need to be changed. Thank you very much.

If your vehicle has 12 sensors, then firstly enable that option in your asbuilt using forscan if you haven’t already. You will also need to enable flank guard as per my instructions here:

I’ve installed 12 sensors and can also use the auto-parking function normally. I want to enable side protection now. You mean I need to do this now by replacing X with 3 in 7D0-02-02: #X ##### #- ####, thank you very much for your answer.

Just now I tested it. The value of X in 7D0-02-02:#X ##### ##### X is 3, but OPS has no side protection. Please ask me how to modify it. The figure below is my parameter. Thank you very much.

The side flank does not appear until you move your car, try driving it

There was no side protection when the car was driving. I tested and took pictures.

Probably needs a calibration update to your PAM module, details in my earlier link

Have you changed the asbuilt settings for the PAM module to enable flank guard with the 12 sensors enabled? (Firmware probably needs to be updated also, as @Louage indicates above.)

736-01-01 x*xx xxxx xx
Parking Assist Channels

736-03-01 x*xx xxxx xx
Side Park Aid (SPA) Flank Guard (FG) / Front Park Aid (FPA) / Rear Park Aid (RPA)
0=FG enabled, FPA enabled, RPA enabled
1=FG enabled, FPA enabled, RPA disabled
2=FG enabled, FPA disabled, RPA enabled
3=FG enabled, FPA disabled, RPA disabled
4=FG disabled, FPA enabled, RPA enabled
5=FG disabled, FPA enabled, RPA disabled
6=FG disabled, FPA disabled, RPA enabled
7=FG disabled, FPA disabled, RPA disabled

PAM As Built Database.xlsx (58.0 KB)

Hello, thank you very much for your answer. Just now I checked that my PAM has been configured as you said, but I still can’t enable the side protection.

Looks like you might need a calibration update.