Ordered a SYNC 4 APIM, lets see what happens once it arrives!


Hopefully i can retrofit it to my Fiesta MK8 2019 :slight_smile:

If any one has any useful information i may need to know, let me know :slight_smile:

also @NaviUpgrade also ordered a NAV variant and as he is US based he will get his first :cry:



Do you have doubts about interchangability ?

it’s possible, but i’m unsure on the specifics :smiley: guess we shall find out lol

relevant retrofit videos/information

From a Mach-E, is that Sync 4 or 4A?

See your PM…

I am really interested to see how software upgrades work with these. My impression was that they were Wifi only and tied to that VIN.

Not WIFI. Cellular via TCU.

That is the case for Sync 4 software and navigation. You must also have a Navigation subscription for map updates. All external APIM communication has been moved to the TCU via dedicated Ethernet via the new GWM. (Not BT) Although they added wireless CarPlay, wow…however the APIM does still have WIFI connectivity, so maybe in non-TCU equipped vehicles it will still work this way or it would be shared?

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I’ve found one for a better price here: 2021 F150 and Mustang Mach-E non-nav radio stereo SYNC4 APIM module. Near Mint | eBay

Near Mint! They give these things away? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Ah yes the TCU. Thanks for the correction. There has to be a way to update via USB though. I am sure Ford has that as a backup for various reasons.

I am sure that some kind of manual method would be available probably via the service departments, but Ford has indicated the USB thing is dead going forward. But, I am sure it will pop up somewhere…

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Yea not everyone has internet or WiFi available in the world.

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Updates are deliverable via WiFi if you’ve set up a connection are at near the network when an update is rolled out. I believe the vehicle will prefer WiFi over cellular if it is available as some updates are multiple GB in size.


Thanks. So update functionality is maintained and possibly shared between WIFI and Cellular.

True but no shipping to UK so no help for me personally

I just ordered a nav version as well. I have a 14 Fusion so we’ll see how it goes!

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Well it seems US delivery is a lot quicker than expected, should be with me in the UK Tuesday :ok_hand:


( I feel like the sarcasm may not portray through this post, check the destination in the image)


That is the UPS broker location for overseas shipments, or it used to be…somewhere in that great big building they have.

Yeah i’m not sure why i did’t think of that earlier, i blame lack of sleep :laughing:

Same thing for the NAV_Voices…for me.

this wil not fit! as you have the version with the 12 inch display. the 4 pins in the middel are all for video data and the 2 extra pins on the left are for power.

you need the apim of a ford mustang 8’’ display
i allready maked this mistake