Phantom touches using carplay but not while Sync 3 Ford system

Hi all, I seem to have a strange issue. When using car play, I seem to get some phantom touches on the left hand side. So when using waze, it will from time to time click the second app in the dock on the left hand side, so in my case music will pop on as if pressed. Or while using waze, the search bar will appear and disappear as it does when you too the screen.

However, when I use the internal Nav I don’t seem to get no such phantom presses on the screen. (If it did, I would have the bottom menu bar appearing randomly this didnt happen on the drive back)

Anybody have any ideas or solutions as that would be fab!

What is your SYNC Region?

Do you have Navigation?

What is your SYNC Version?
SYNC 3.4.21194

If you are not using an authentic Apple cable, get one. I have gone thru all kinds of replacement cables, some really nice ones that work on everything but this. Replacing the cable with the Apple cable solved the issue in my case.

This was also my first thought, though my original cable was an old but genuine one. So I replaced it with a brand new genuine Apple cable I had with me in my bag. Issue still persisted. I also used my brothers phone too. Same issue.

Did you replace the usb hub when you upgraded to Sync 3? (2015 Mondeo had Sync 2?) I would be suspicious of the hub or connections for it.

Yes. The kit came with a new hub which had the same connections as the car had. So it was a direct swap.

Have you done a Master Reset on the Sync unit?

Do you by chance have you phone mounted close to the screen? On a vent mount or something like that?

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