Piecemeal map installation?

Looking to upgrade our Sync 3.0 to 3.4 at some point but have a question before we get cracking.

It looks like it’s possible to generate a package with a single cutdown map set (e.g. UK…) for an installation. Is it then possible to generate another package with a different cutdown map set (e.g. Iberia…) at a later date and append it to the existing installed maps? Or do you have to perform a one-off installation with everything you’ll ever potentially need?

Just trying to reduce the pain of installation times by hopefully breaking it up into more manageable pieces - we’ve had to sit in the destination car park for a while before whilst we’ve waited for the Ford installation to complete!

I’m new here so I apologise if this question has been asked before! I did have a decent rummage for a couple of hours but there’s always a good chance I missed the info somewhere. Also not sure if I’ve actually posted this in the right place as the “New Topic” button seemed to lead me to this “If you are having any issues” page…

Thanks in advance!

SYNC Region: EU

Navigation Variant: Nav

Manufacturer Year: Pre MY20

Install Type: OEM

Old SYNC Version: 3.0.23219

New SYNC Version: 3.0.23219

Do you have a error message, if so what is it?

Update Method: Official Ford

A reformat EU full maps will take 45-55 minutes, not the end of the world, you can in theory do a basic cutdown maps install and add future packages afterwards but you would need to ensure you used a Autoinstall not a Reformat for additional packages. Personally it’s not worth the hassle if you have a NAV unit just install the full EU pack via reformat (assuming you are not MY20) and wait 45-55mins.

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And on top of that, from your message I assume you installed maps provided by Ford…
Those are installed with “autoinstall”, which takes “ages” compared to a simple reformat…
So yeah, if you can reformat your unit, just do that once and that’s it…
About adding maps later on yeah, you can do that, but if your car can have the whole EU package there’s no need for that since it will take longer as well…

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Thanks to both of you!

Yes, we’ve only ever used Ford-provided maps so far. The downloads from them were slow (not sure if it was down to their server or our broadband although that’s reasonable) and then the installation was “protracted”.

We have a 2018/68 plate Fiesta so (most likely) not MY20 but will check that just in case.

It sounds like we may as well just bite the bullet and go for the full EU map pack as under an hour is a hell of a lot better than what we’ve experienced in the past! :grinning:

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