Tried to install but gave me a package error 004 , I never had to reformat for any of the other maps why now?
PS Thanks for all your efforts its appreciated

Because as stated in the OP we do not have the license file, also older NA maps pre 2020 were ESN locked anyway so would have always had to reformat for those.

Some people (not you brooklynGuy) are really struggling to read the OP before asking dumb questions, on facebook i have people asking if logos are updated despite clearly stating in the post they are, then another person asking if maps are updated… i give up… :laughing:

Thanks for the reply

I downloaded to thumb drive and when I was updating my syn 3 system it gave me an error, Im going to install the update without the 21 maps for now.

Can you give the full error message you received please. infact can you post a new topic with this link Issue with Sync 3 and provide all the relevant information please

Should have snapped a pic but I think it was package 004 error or c004 something to that effect

Yeah, i’m going to need a full error message before i help.

MY guess is PKG_ERR04 – Error is PKG_REVOKED (Package has been blacklisted)

which means you are trying to reformat from above 3.4.19101, you need to update the version your car is at in Syn3updater settings.

However this is not related to this thread, and therefore i am splitting this to its own thread

How to change forced from yes to no , don’t see how to?


You can install maps without the license file, no issues. I have done this many times.


I changed the setting to reformat but forced says yes and the photo above it says no so how can I change that. I had no problems updating my system till now. Something is different in this build.

Go to the Car Configuration tab in Syn3 Updater and turn off Advanced Options.
Make sure the version is the one currently installed.

It’s nothing to do with the build you just clearly haven’t read the documentation for Syn3 Updater and don’t understand the different install modes.

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