Please help with this error

Hi, should i replace voice navi zip file with other one, my ford fusion imported from USA and i live in Middle East, the maps it’s important because the error message bather me to much :slight_smile:

My screen not working anymore :frowning:

you are trying to change the region, you do not have enough storage space to fit what you are trying to install.

I know this is not exactly what you want, but read this:

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the navigation files didn’t exist a middle east files! i dont think it will work

Not sure what you mean.

Use the Middle East maps and this procedure, or, CyanLabs may have nade something for this in the new Syn3 Updater…

Nope, nothing new for ROW in this

the following files have ROW maps!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/Mena/FordMENA19Q4.tgz!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/IndiaCE/FordIndiaSrilanka19Q4.tgz!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/Israel/FordIsrael19Q4.tgz!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/Sea/FordSEA19Q4.tgz!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/South_Africa/FordSouthernAfrica19Q4.tgz!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/Caribbean/FordCaribbean19Q4.tgz!application/FordSync3/19Q4_prod/Central_America/FordCentralAmerica19Q4.tgz