Power mode behavior issue, Sync 1 upgrade to Sync 3

Hi you guys, so I recently did a sync 3 upgrade from my sync 1 system and had to configure the apim and acm (they both were changed for future speaker upgrade), now I ran into a small hiccup. Somehow, I changed the way sync 3 behaves when it comes to the turning my Focus on and off. Originally (this was the same for my Sync 1), when I open the door to my car, I get the greeting animation from both the IPC and APIM screen, and when the car turns on, then the radio activates. When it comes to shutting down the car, the radio generally stays on until either the time limit has been reached, or when I open the door. After changing the configs via AS BUILT, I must’ve changed a value either in the APIM or in ACM, because right now, When I turn the vehicle off, the radio turns off and the sync 3 goes through the shutdown animation phase and shuts off. When I open the door, the sync 3 does not do the welcome boot up phase with the ST splashscreen, the screen is off 100% until I start the car (while running or not) and itdoes the boot up animation splashscreen and then the radio turns on a little after, and the screen goes blank for a few seconds (backlight still on) and then it loads the home screen. I’m not sure what exactly I did to cause this, if anyone has any ideas or I need to upload my factory ab and my current config files for someone to review my current settings, let me know. I have a sync 3 and acm from a 2016 ford focus, not sure what the original ab files were and I wish I had it for actual reference.

This is in reference to the Focus ST1? Look for settings related to a hybrid vehicle and see if any of those are turned on.

Yeah, it’s an ST1 FoST from 2015. I appreciate it, I actually grabbed the AB data from another focus st (an st3 from 2016 because the build date for the acm and sync 3 are from that year) and made minor modifications to make Sync 3 work properly, the only issue I’m running into right now is the no hazard light switch…also the gps antenna error. then I also have an issue with the new acm module because it’s wanting to connect to the IPC module but it’s losing connection, I don’t remember having codes come up for it before until after plugging my ab data for my car’s acm, which works just fine…I’m assuming the acm is trying to connect to the ipc to see if it can send the chimes to the car speakers instead of the ipc itself…

That is correct. If the speakers are not available or there is a DTC for a speaker fault, the ACM will redirect the chimes and warning sounds to the IPC speaker. If you have DTC’s in the ACM, this could be the issue.

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