Problem updating from 19274 to a higher version

hi guys i need help.
So i updated my 2018 fusion NA version non-nav from 3.2 to 3.4.19274 a few months ago via syn3 updater and now i wanted to update my car from 3.4.19274 to 3.4.20237
i did everything right in the app and chose 3.4.20237 and flashed it on the usb but when i plug the usb
in the car its says “Updating system software…” and its stay stuck on that for about 30-35min.
and then nothing happen so what to do is that normal? i mean should i let it for more then 35min on “Updating system software…” or there is a problem ? and what to do?


Look in the Tutorial section.

sorry but i don’t know what to look for exactly but if u mean the methods i set it as automatic and when i choose my current version and the version i want it changes to autoinstall.

i just wanted to know if I’m doing something wrong or there is something i missing
so i can fix it

Follow this tutorial.

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i will check that

You will probably just need to delete Gracenotes for the update to work. You have a US (NA) APIM, so changing the voice file is not necessary. Run the APIM Interrogator to determine the storage available.

well i was just trying the method to find the empty space and i needed DONTINDX.MSA so i flashed 3.4.20237 again to get it and went again to copy it to the usb with autoinstall well the second time before i plug the usb i did a master reset and when it finished the reset a pop up showed and said updated to 3.4.20237 successfully i don’t know what happend but yeah it happened.
so thanks for the help anyway man :smiley:

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DONTINDX.MSA is not required, it’s literally a blank file used to tell the Sync unit to “don’t index” your USB for media contents.

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Probably cleaned out some logs and junk with the master reset…or DTC.